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Raise A Glass To Mary Sarah's New Single "The Bottom"

Mary Sarah’s latest release, "The Bottom," is an instant mood-lifter, a toe-tapper that gets you smiling from the very first note. This upbeat track showcases her sass and confidence, blending a playful spirit with heartfelt homage to the simple joys of life. If you’ve ever felt a connection to your local watering hole or found solace in the unpretentious charm of small-town living, this song will resonate deeply.

Photo by Chrissy Nix.

Growing up amidst the Oprys and Honky Tonks of Texas, Mary Sarah has a firm grasp on what makes country music special. "The Bottom" captures this essence beautifully, making it clear why the song felt undeniably her when it was pitched. The track is a celebration of the everyday pleasures that often go unnoticed but are cherished by those who appreciate the slower pace and genuine connections of rural life.

With a melody that calls back to the powerhouse anthems of the late 1990s, "The Bottom" feels like a modern classic. It’s got the infectious energy of Shania Twain mixed with the relatable storytelling of the Dixie Chicks. The chorus is catchy and anthemic, making it a perfect sing-along for those nights out with friends where the beer is cold, and the laughter is warm.

Mary Sarah’s voice is a standout, full of character and charisma. She navigates the playful lyrics with ease, imbuing them with a wink and a nod that’s both charming and empowering. It’s clear she’s having fun with this track, and that joy is infectious. You can almost picture her on stage at a local honky tonk, belting out the chorus as the crowd raises their glasses in a toast.

"The Bottom" is a reminder that there’s beauty in simplicity, and that sometimes the best moments are the ones spent in familiar places with good company. Whether you’re a lifelong country fan or just someone who appreciates a good tune, Mary Sarah’s latest is sure to make a lasting impression. So grab a drink, find a spot at your favorite bar, and let "The Bottom" be the soundtrack to your next great memory. Cheers to Mary Sarah for delivering a song that’s as fun as it is heartfelt, and as timeless as it is fresh.


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