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Reid Haughton Takes Country Music Higher Than 9: A Deep Dive into the Album and Its Creation

In the heart of country music's bustling scene, emerges a rising star with a sound that echoes the soulful twang of the South while infusing it with a modern country flair. Reid Haughton, hailing from just an hour away from the legendary Muscle Shoals, is making waves with his latest album, "Higher Than 9." Steeped in the musical history of his roots, Haughton seamlessly blends contemporary country melodies with the raw energy of Southern rock, creating an electrifying experience for listeners.

Reid Haughton | Photo Provided

In a whirlwind of twang and rock-infused melodies, country music's newest sensation, Reid Haughton, has set Music City ablaze. With a sound that's as intoxicating as it is dynamic, Haughton is making waves in the industry, and he recently sat down with All Country News to spill all the juicy details about his electrifying new album.

The Sound of Haughton:

"Higher Than 9" exemplifies Haughton's signature sound, characterized by swampy country rock vibes that pull you in from the first note. With powerful vocals and inspiring guitar work, Haughton crafts songs that resonate with both Southern rockers and country aficionados alike. His influences, ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Grateful Dead, are woven into the fabric of his music, creating a rich tapestry of sound that is uniquely his own. Reflecting on his favorite song to write, Haughton reveals that "Mendoza Line" holds a special place in his heart. He elaborates on the creative process:

"I really love to think about how 'Mendoza Line' was created. It stuck around for over two years, which is rare. I remember after playing a show in New Mexico with Jon Pardi, I knew it had to be something tied into that experience. Bringing it into the studio the following week, it just clicked, and I knew it was worth hanging onto. The songwriting process was a journey, and seeing it evolve into what it is today was incredibly rewarding."

Choosing the Tracks:

Curating the tracklist for "Higher Than 9" presented Haughton with a formidable task due to the abundance of options available. He grappled with the responsibility of selecting songs that not only embodied his distinctive sound but also held personal significance. Despite the challenges, the process of handpicking each track allowed him to infuse the album with his unique essence, creating a body of work that speaks to both his artistry and his soul.

"It was a balancing act, choosing tracks that felt like me and represented the sound I wanted to put out there. I wanted songs that I could play live and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Each track had to resonate with me personally while also appealing to my fans. It was a process of introspection and reflection, but ultimately, I'm proud of the final selection."

Live Reception:

Haughton's tour with Whiskey Myers has provided a platform to showcase selections from "Higher Than 9," captivating audiences with tracks like "It Don’t Hurt" and "Flicker" as they traverse various cities. The live performances have sparked a palpable energy among crowds, igniting a fervent response to his music. Reflecting on this reception, Haughton finds validation in the connection forged between his songs and the live audience. Each performance becomes a testament to the emotional resonance of his music, reaffirming his artistic vision and the impact it has on listeners. Haughton's experiences on tour serve as a reminder of the power of music to unite and uplift audiences across diverse settings.

"Every night is different, but 'Man Made Money' consistently puts a smile on faces. It's amazing to see the response from fans and how they connect with the music. We've been on the road for so long, and to see people still enjoying the songs is incredibly rewarding. Each city brings its own energy, and it's been a joy to share our music with audiences across the country."

Studio Magic:

For Haughton, the studio was more than just a place to record music—it was a creative playground where magic happened. Reflecting on the memories made during the recording process, Haughton recalls moments of inspiration and collaboration that brought "Higher Than 9" to life.

"Recording 'Higher Than 9' was a special experience. I remember saying to myself in the studio, "I hope this goes well." "It was probably where we pushed ourselves the most; the original demo we wrote was quite out there. Yet, we committed to it, not knowing it would become the title track. Midway through the first take, I thought, "This was a good idea." It just took on a life of its own. I think—don't quote me on this, but I'm quite sure—that while the band was recording, the clip track ran out because they'd played it out. Sadler and I exchanged glances in the studio, and without a word, we signaled for another go. The band, quick on their feet, jumped right back into it. After attempting a second take, we all agreed: we couldn't surpass the energy of the first."

A Shared Journey:

Higher Than 9" transcends being merely an album for Haughton; it becomes a collaborative voyage with his audience. In his reflections, he delves into the profound emotional resonance he seeks to cultivate through his music. Each track serves as a conduit for forging a deep connection, weaving together shared experiences and sentiments. Haughton's aspiration extends beyond mere entertainment; he aims to touch the hearts and minds of his listeners, leaving an indelible mark on their souls. Through his artistry, he navigates the complexities of human emotions, offering solace, empathy, and understanding to all who lend him their ears. "Higher Than 9" becomes a vessel for both artist and audience to explore the intricacies of the human condition, transcending the boundaries of mere sound waves. Together, they embark on a transformative journey, where melodies serve as the compass guiding them through the highs and lows of life. Haughton's music becomes a source of communal healing, uniting individuals through shared vulnerabilities and aspirations. In this symbiotic relationship between artist and fan, "Higher Than 9" emerges not just as an album, but as a testament to the power of music to forge profound connections and inspire collective growth.

"I want listeners to experience the same emotions and connections that inspired these songs. Music has a way of transporting us to another place, and I hope 'Higher Than 9' takes people on a journey of their own. Each song has its own story and meaning, and I hope fans can connect with them on a personal level. It's a shared experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with audiences through my music."

In a genre known for its rich storytelling and heartfelt emotion, Reid Haughton is carving out his own place among the country music greats. With "Higher Than 9," he's proven that he's not just an artist to watch—he's an artist to celebrate. So buckle up, country music fans, because Reid Haughton is here to stay, and he's ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime.


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