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Rising Country Songstress Dasha Showcases Her Storytelling Chops In Dynamic Debut Country Album "What Happens Now."

The San Luis Obispo, California native's innate storytelling ability shines in each track.

Photo By Acacia Evans

Newcomer and ethereal songstress Dasha beautifully personifies life's little moments in her debut country album What Happens Now. Highlighted by authenticity, raw emotion, and relatability, each of the 8 tracks aims to connect with fans in an inviting and refreshing way. Full of universal appeal and the vivid stories, the project is full of emotional twists and turns and simply can't be turned off.

Bright and intoxicating the title track kicks off the diverse project. Seamlessly blending traditional country instruments with a fresh pop beat, Dasha relishes in the fact that love changes as we grow older. Grappling with the fact that young love turns more complicated as we age, Dasha's mind whirls as images of her flame flash in her head. Between overthinking and crazy feelings Dasha dives right into the question of What Happens Now.

The emotionally driven "Drown Me" showcases the songstresses lyric creativity. Trying to wrap her head around a relationship that airs on the side of toxic, Dasha perfectly personifies the feeling of the push and pulls that comes with the anxieties of love. Letting her unique tone guide the way, Dasha's artistry is on raw display. 

Navigating heartache can be a painful and tricky journey, yet Dasha beautifully embodies the internal push and pull of relationships in her previously released "King of California." The upbeat and sonically provocative track will instantly make anyone's ears perk up. Dasha creatively guides fans though the aftermath of betrayal and all the sting it leaves behind, even years later. Reminiscing on all the moments she wished would have worked out, Dasha takes a well needed drive but is still a tenant to the memories.

Still stranded in a whirlwind of confusion and heartache, Dasha's latest track is a continuation of her previous single Austin that also finds a welcomed home on the project. Dasha's evocative lyrics vividly depict the protagonist's emotional turmoil as she confronts the stark reality of her partner's absence, grappling with a haunting question that lingers in her mind: why did we never work out?

"I had a vision for this album last summer and for the first time since I started releasing music, I feel like the music turned out exactly how I wanted it to sound, look, and feel. As an artist with a lot of different opinions in the mix, it’s difficult at times to stay true to what you love and what you want and finally this album I told everyone to kindly mind their own business and went with what I wanted. This album is so me, it’s so real," Dasha tell All Country News.

Unafraid to dive headfirst into each layer of love, Dasha approaches the complex emotion with ease. The songstress's mature approach to storytelling shines as each song offers up a melodic refresh. A breath of fresh air in an often over-produced world, Dasha's approach to country music is needed. In a genre that can get a tad copy and paste, the California native has taken it into her own hands to bring back the tradition of creating real stories for real people. It is only the beginning for Dasha.


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