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Rising Songstress Becca Bowen Pays Homage To The Hometown Dreamer In 'County Line'

The South Carolina native gives a voice to the country dreamer in heartwarming new single.

Today rising songstress Becca Bowen shows off her dynamic range asking the small town dreamer if they are "brave enough to leave," in a County Line. Known for her bright spirit and universal storylines, Becca showcases a softer side. Beautifully narrating the push and pull of feeling safe under your hometown lights and knowing you were meant for more, Bowen finds common ground.

Becca's subtle twang guides fans note to note following the advice of her father. Reflective yet full of hope, Bowen encourages her fans to dance to the rhythm of their hearts. The song’s namesake will also serve as the title of her new EP coming January 26, 2024.

I wrote the song ‘County Line,’ with Sam Woods; it’s more vulnerable than my earlier releases,” Becca said. “It’s about finding the courage to leave your hometown to start a new life. Or, in my case, chase a dream that led me to Music City. So many people will relate to this song. Everyone faces a point in their life when you have to make a choice to stay where you are or cross that county line.”

Mixing her glamorous, Southern Belle exterior with her bold and outdoorsy personality, the South Carolina native exudes confidence in who she is. She welcomes the juxtaposition of her look and personality, as showcased in the authenticity of her music. County Line adds depth to the songstresses already impressive list of songs. From note to note, Becca connects with fans offering them a place to reflect on their own dreams. If this is any indication of what is to come, we will be here waiting.


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