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Roman Alexander Brings Twangy Cheer with Original Christmas Song "Lit"

'Tis the season to be "Lit" as Roman Alexander, is injecting a dose of twang and a splash of holiday spirit into the season with his original Christmas song, "Lit." Breaking away from the traditional festive tunes, Alexander adds his unique touch to create a dive bar Christmas anthem that's as catchy as it is spirited.

In his own words, Alexander reflects on the unexpected turn in his musical journey, stating, "Never did I picture myself recording two Christmas songs, let alone a song about getting 'LIT' like a dive bar Christmas tree. Rather than making it another cheesy Christmas song, I added my own twangy touch to something that I feel can be played year-round."

The lyrics tell a tale of heartbreak during the holiday season, with Alexander recounting a lost love that left him with nothing but a hole in the wall and a bourbon bottle. Despite the sad undertones, the song takes a turn towards the festive as Alexander decides to embrace the Christmas spirit in a uniquely unconventional way.

The chorus, with its infectious melody, captures the essence of getting into the holiday "spirits" one double at a time. The imagery of tying on those spirits like ribbons around a present adds a playful twist to the traditional holiday celebrations. As the blues turn red and green, Alexander paints a vivid picture of sitting in a dive bar, getting "lit" like a Christmas tree adorned with string lights.

The song cleverly weaves in Santa's need for a break and a little barstool company, turning the narrative into a humorous and relatable Christmas tale. The inclusion of the naughty list and holly jolly rounds adds a touch of festive cheer, making "Lit" a song that captures the spirit of the season while maintaining Alexander's signature style.

With its toe-tapping rhythm, catchy lyrics, and Alexander's distinctive twang, "Lit" stands out as a refreshing addition to the Christmas music repertoire. Whether you're nursing a holiday heartbreak or just looking to add some unconventional cheer to your festivities, Roman Alexander's "Lit" is the perfect soundtrack to get you in the holiday spirit – one double at a time.


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