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Ryan and Rory: Country Music’s Newest Dynamic Duo

In the vibrant tapestry of country music, duos have always occupied a special place, weaving together harmonies and melodies that resonate deeply with listeners. Adding a new thread to this rich tradition are Ryan and Rory, a duo whose energy and talent are poised to shake up Music City. As fans eagerly anticipate their debut EP, "Pour Decisions," the dynamic duo offers a tantalizing preview of their intoxicating artistry with the release of the title track.

This whimisical duo doesn't just deliver a song; they serve up an experience that's equal parts nostalgia and novelty. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of 90s country, Ryan and Rory offer up a healthy dose of lyrical wit and double entendres that pay homage to their roots while keeping things fresh and modern. It's a musical cocktail that's expertly mixed, leaving listeners with a taste of the past and a hint of the present. "Pour Decisions" offers up unabashed sense of fun and adventure. With each playful lyric and catchy hook, Ryan and Rory invite you to join them on a journey through a world where every pour leads to a new and exciting discovery.

Pour Decisions: A Post-Breakup Anthem

The title track, combines Rory's innate musical talent with Ryan's lyrical prowess, creating an upbeat anthem perfect for a post-breakup night out. This song is a nod to the universal heartache band-aid—a good old-fashioned night of drinking. With playful lyrics and a midtempo beat, "Pour Decisions" is destined to become a summer hit, embodying the spirit of resilience and fun.

Ryan describes the creation of "Pour Decisions" as a lightning-in-a-bottle moment. "Every once in a while, you have one of those sessions where it feels like there's an extra co-writer in the room that you can't see," Ryan explained to All Country News. "We tried to play 'beat the song,' and 'Pour Decisions' just kept winning."

Choosing the Perfect Debut

Why did Ryan and Rory choose "Pour Decisions" as their debut track? The answer is simple: it’s fun. "That's what we're going for," says Ryan. The duo has a diverse range of songs set to be released this summer, each capturing different emotions and stories.

But it was "Pour Decisions" perfectly encapsulates their vibrant energy and knack for storytelling that lead them to kick their new chapter off with this specific tune.

"When Ryan came to me with some of the lyrics already written, I could see he had the art down to a science," Rory shares. "His writing aligns perfectly with what we feel and who we are as a duo. 'Pour Decisions' lives in the moment, capturing both the highs and lows in a way that's just right for us."

A Promising Future

With "Pour Decisions" setting the stage, Ryan and Rory are poised for a bright future in country music. Their chemistry, combined with their individual talents, creates a sound that's both familiar and refreshingly new. Fans can look forward to the full EP release in July, which promises to showcase the duo's versatility and heartfelt songwriting. In a genre that cherishes its duos, Ryan and Rory are a welcome addition. They bring fun, heart, and a little bit of mischief to the table. In a genre where the top spot isn't always reserved for the best song, it's clear that this duo has hit the jackpot with this intoxicating debut.


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