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Spencer Crandall's Latest Love Filled Track Truly Was "Worth The Wait."

Judging by the fan reaction I have a feeling this song could be bigger than anything I’ve released so far," Spencer tells All Country News.

Photo Credit Nina Long

Country music's resident romantic, Spencer Crandall once again showcases his clever storytelling chops in his latest song, just in time for Valentine's Day. Crandall, who is for teasing his latest songs on social media, got a massive reaction from fans, practically demanding the new song.  Since first teasing the track last month, “Worth The Wait” has garnered over 20M views, 1.8M likes and over 85K shares on social media.

Inspired by his own blossoming love story, the piano driven track captivates listeners from the first tender note. Narrating his innermost feelings of the love, Spencer professes his love and relishes in the fact that his partner has gotten him through the hardest of times. Coming to terms with that all the heartache and fear lead him to the love he is now looking at, Spencer steps into his new territory with hope and open arms.

Cause you’re worth the wait

All of my dark, dim, and lonely days

Every goodbye and heartbreak was pointing me homeI was just holding on

Praying you’d be out there

Holding strong

Took me forever to find you

But finally forever’s just two words away

Baby, you’re worth the wait

"I’ve never had this much fan interaction on a song, in my career! I remember in December of 2023 starting to post this song and by the end of the month it had been watched over 17 million times… it blew my mind I am so excited that my fans have already started freaking out about this song and I couldn’t be more thankful to my fans for blowing this song up. Judging by the fan reaction I have a feeling this song could be bigger than anything I’ve released so far," Crandall tells All Country News.

Spencer's authentic perspective, detailed storytelling, and genre-defying elements shine through in the humblest of ways. Inspired by anecdotes and experiences of his own life, Crandall beautifully explores what love means to him, and in turn connects with others.


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