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Spencer Crandall & Shaylen Team Up For Some Pop-Country Magic In "To Be Continued"

Spencer Crandall has always been at the forefront of what it means to be a modern country star. With over 300 Million career streams and a loyal fan base, Crandall is once again going with his gut and giving fans a reimagined look of a cut of his highly acclaimed Western album. This time, Spencer teams up with the incredibly talented Shaylen to give this tune a whole new feel.

Photo Via Spencer Crandall Instagram

The duet version of To Be Continued is both innovate and relatable. The story invites fans to be apart of the on again off again relationship that Crandall and Shaylen capture so perfectly. Lets face it, haven't we all been there!

Pretending that we didn't both love last night

And we swear that it's the end of me and you

But it's more like to be continued

The addition of Shaylen's silky smooth vocals adds depth to the lyrically strong track. The push and pull between the two stars is a masterclass in what a modern pop country duet should be. Plus, their unique tone's play off each other so lightly, allowing each singer to shine.

The painfully relatable tune is also accompanied by a dynamic music video that helps fans to truly allow fans into their chaotic situationship. The chemistry of both country risers jumps off the screen allowing To Be Continued to come to life.


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