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Teddy Robb's Nashville Love Story Plays Out Perfectly In New Single Question The Universe

What happens when you mix a little Bob Seager and a little George Strait? Well we have the answer, its Nashville based singer/songwriter Teddy Robb.

Photo Credit: Robert Chavers

The piano soaked Question The Universe is the ultimate Nashville love story. But long before this love story, Teddy Robb Growing spent his childhood outdoors, hunting, fishing, and off-roading in rural Ohio. He developed a love for music at a young age, finding inspiration in Country greats like George Strait, Johnny Cash and Brooks & Dunn as well as Rock and Roll and Blues music.

After spending years on Lower Broadway and a yearlong stint in Colorado, Question The Universe kicks off Teddy's new era and proves that good country music truly lies in the story.

Who knew that the recipe for some Nashville magic took Red Door bar in Midtown and Old Dominion's Brad Tursi.

"It is kind of a funny story," Teddy tells All Country News. "I was at Red Door in Nashville on St. Patricks day and met this amazing girl. As we chatted I found out she was leaving in 10 days," Rob continued.

Teddy's friend and Old Dominion member Brad Tursi saw this whole Midtown love story playout, almost like a Nashville guardian angel. "I remember confiding in Brad over those ten days. Really questioning why I had to be apart of this right girl wrong time scenario."

Flash forward and Brad asks Teddy to help him finish writing the tune. "He had watched all this play out, and asked if I wanted to help finish it. Then a few hours later he called back and said he was too inspired and already finished it."

"Right person, wrong time / She's perfect / God why'd you have to go and do me so dirty like that? / Give me everything I want and nothing I can have"

Teddy's warm tone helps thrust listeners into his whirlwind love story, while seamlessly asking listeners to reflect on their own. The soft production lead by a dreamy piano and soft beat allows listeners to close their eyes and truly soak in the moment. Teddy's emotion in his voice soars and takes the lyrics to new heights. The original take on love lost and found again is a breath of fresh air in the often crowded "love scene" game in country music.

For those who are wondering, yes their Red Door love story is a happy one. "I don't really want to speak for her, but I know she loves the tune," Teddy says of his muse.

The fact that Question The Universe parallels Teddy's own love journey makes the song even that much better. His natural knack for conveying emotion in every lyric truly shine and we have a feeling this is a career defining one for Teddy Robb.


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