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Texas Hitmaker Grant Gilbert Gives Us A Steamy Take On Love In "Turn It Down"

Damn this song is hot!

From the first whiskey soaked chord fans know that Texas hitmaker Grant Gilbert has them in for a treat! Turn It Down is a country love track on steroids! The sensual song checks all the boxes that we all feel during a relationship. Touching on longing, struggle and desire the song's craveable quality is evident.

The provocative lyrics were penned by none other than a juggernaut of creators including Eric Church guitar player Driver Williams, Arkady Gelman, and miss bellbottom country Lainey Wilson. Did we mention Jonathan Singleton producing the track is the cheery on top.

“All the bitchin and complainin’/Just up and goes away when We’re shaking the foundation of this house So lay that lovin’ on me /You always know the right thing/ To turn a hell of a bad day around /When it comes to your love baby I can’t Turn it down”

While the lyrics are innovative and offer up a different POV to your classic love tune, it is Gilbert's vocals that really shine! Steeped in country music nostalgia, Grant's tone gives fans a peek into his range and what is to come.

“This song is different than the tracks I’ve cut before. It’s moody, bluesy, and has an edge,” says Gilbert in a press release.. “I’m excited to show the fans a new side of myself. ‘Turn It Down’ has a lot of soul and I was excited at the response I got when we teased the track on TikTok. It will be fun to see where it takes us."

With a tenor that is personable yet powerful, Grant Gilbert delivers one of the steamiest songs we have heard in a while. The song evokes a sense of relatability for fans, asking them to close their eyes as reflect on their love story. Needless to say we are loving this new side of one of biggest artists to watch this year!


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