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The Heartwarming Story Behind The Now Viral Moment At Zach Bryan's Milwaukee Tour Stop

A young Zach Bryan fan got the shock of her life at a recent tour stop.

Via Megan Peterson TikTok

Country music superstar Zach Bryan has been known to create unforgettable memories for his fans during his shows. From bringing fans on stage to gifting one of his guitars, Bryan has continually shown his love for his fans. During a recent stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Zach continued that fan first attitude that was captured in a now viral video.

Megan Peterson, a 19-year-old from Germantown, Wisconsin, never expected for her favorite singer to supply such a core memory. According to Milwaukee based reporter Ben Handleman, Megan suffers from a rare condition known as Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome, or MALS. While receiving treatment in Oklahoma last summer, Megan had a chance to catch a Zach show, where by chance she happened to run into Zach's dad Dwayne. 

As the story goes according to Handleman, Dwayne and Megan stayed in touch, and when Zach announced his massive Quittin' Time Tour, Dwayne invited Megan to the Milwaukee show. Little did she know that both Dwayne and Zach has a massive surprise up their sleeve.

The heartwarming video that now as over 4.4 million views on TikTok is one of the best we have seen in sometime. The video shows Megan having the time of her life before Zach leaves the stage to hand her his guitar and then invite her and her family backstage. Grab your tissues and watch the sweet video below!


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