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The High Road Blend Traditional Country and Rock Influences In "Brand New You"

We’re so happy to see the resurgence of organically formed country bands - especially those that embrace a traditional sound and incorporate several musical instruments. The High Road, originally formed in 2016, probably exemplifies this type of artist best. Comprised of Don Scott, Ron & Richard Fathers, Dave Martin, and Greg Frank, the band’s musical and personal chemistry is unmatched. Their new single “Brand New You” just dropped, and we can’t get enough of it.

“Brand New You” showcases the band’s impeccable harmonies, specifically in the “ooh-ooh” section after the chorus. Melding classic rock influences with a honky-tonk style of country, The High Road put their own twist on the classic subject of missing an ex. The captivating, hard-hitting guitar riffs will leave you hooked.

Their sound reminds us of Old Dominion, but with more 90s and folk influences. The members can truly do it all, tackling vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums, lap steel guitar, and even harmonica. A breath of fresh air in the country music scene, The High Road will certainly dominate the charts in no time. Nashville better watch out, because they're coming in hot.


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