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Thomas Rhett & Wife Lauren Chat How Their House Is Divided When It Comes To College Football

When it comes to rooting for your favorite team, sometimes it can get ruthless! No one knows that better than diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan Thomas Rhett and his Tennessee Vol's wife Lauren!

The country couple will grace the September issue Southern Living where they chat how they manage a house divided and who their four girls cheer for!

Lauren Akins, Thomas Rhett; Photo by Robbie Caponetto for Southern Living

The fun photos where taken at their family farm in Tennessee. The couple opened up to the magazine about their family’s love of football.

“It’s no secret that our family is pretty much obsessed with football. Lauren and I had a lot of fun chatting with a magazine that appreciates the game as much as we do," Thomas reflected. A proud Bulldogs fan, the dad of four often feels out numbered!

Lauren, who went to Tennessee for nursing also echoed how football effects their family traditions! “Football was everything to my family growing up and Thomas Rhett and I have enjoyed passing our love of football down to our daughters.'

But when it comes to who Willa Gray, Ada James, Lennon and Lillie and who they root for, all the couple can do if laugh.

"It's been forced upon them. But they are, they are all Tennessee volunteer fans, I don't really feel like I have a say." Thomas laughs with defeat in a video posted on Southern Living's TikTok page.

Thomas goes on to tell the origin story of how the girls ultimately ended up in orange.

"Well, before our kids were born, there was one was particular game that me and Lauren bet on. If so and so wins this they will be Tennessee Vols but if they lost they would be Georgia Bulldogs fans. So I lost that bet, but I am in their ear sneakily," Thomas laughs.

Lauren gloats that Thomas lost not only one but two bets so the first two girls belong to her and her beloved Vols. Plus as she says Thomas is gone on tour so much during the fall it is easy to sneak the girls to a game.

Thomas is still pulling for this younger two to pull to the dark side. "When you get to hear a whole stadium calling the Dawgs, a lot of people would call it funny that grown men and women are out there barking on a Saturday. But when you hear it all in unison there’s something electric about that," Thomas told Southern Living.

Maybe some of that electricity has rubbed off on Thomas, because his current Home Team Tour may be the most electric tour of 2023! Thomas also just celebrated a monumental 20 number one singles on country radio and even sat down with All Country News and other outlets to chat on the milestone, where he said he is "stepping into his dad era." Even though they may be a house divided they are for sure one of the most beloved families in country music!


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