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Trey Lewis' 'Mine Never Could' Marks the Start of a New Musical Chapter

Trey Lewis is shedding his old skin and proudly stepping into a new era!

Let's get one thing straight, Trey Lewis is one dynamic artist. The Birmingham, Alabama native is best known for breaking country’s unspoken rules, and not really caring what you think. This strong sense of self has garnered him millions of loyal fans. Continuing this call-it-like-I-see it attitude, Trey shows that he is one to be taken seriously in Music City! In the wake of his latest single, "Always You," Trey is excited share another song from his upcoming album, the relatable "Mine Never Could."

Adding depth to his already impressive roster of songs, Trey grapples with heartache and moving on knowing that his old flame is living it up with someone new. From verse to verse Trey's well placed southern drawl evokes emotion and invites fans in. Relishing in the fact that her name is now coming off of someone else's lips, the drum heavy tune oozes with regret. While one heart may have moved on, Trey proudly says his never could.

Written by Matt Jenkins, Zachary Kale, and Deric Ruttan, the relatable lyrics combined with Lewis’s voice make this song a must-listen for country music fans.

Bet you’ve gotten over me and it feels good/Bet you’re finally feeling like you’re out of the woods/Bet your heart moved on like a heart should/Like a heart should/Mine never could

"I think we’ve all been in this situation. Watching the person you love move on so easily, while you’re still haunted by what was. It’s a crazy feeling, but makes a damn good song," Trey said of the new single.

Unfiltered, unconventional, and above all, unapologetic, Trey Lewis's approach to country music in universal and refreshing. Refusing to be put in a box and highlighted by real stories for real people, Trey Lewis proved he is the next great country music phenom.


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