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Trey Lewis Proves He Is One Of Music City's Most Dynamic New Talents In Debut Album "Troublemaker"

Let's get one thing straight, Trey Lewis plays by his own rules. The Birmingham, Alabama native is best known for breaking country’s unspoken rules, and not really caring what you think. This strong sense of self has garnered him millions of loyal fans. Continuing this call-it-like-I-see it attitude, Trey shows that he is one to be taken seriously in Music City.

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Lewis became a household name in 2020 with his viral hit, Dicked Down in Dallas, which hit Number One on iTunes and has garnered more than 360 million streams to date. Today, he is proving he is so much for than that.

Adding depth to his already impressive roster of songs, today, Trey showcases his star power with his debut album Troublemaker. A collection of relatable stories, the fourteen track album has a story for everyone. Narrated by Trey's signature blue collar tone, each track offers a dash of Nashville magic.

The title track perfectly personifies the earnest talent Lewis is. The autobiographic “Troublemaker” was initially teased back in 2022 and set the tone for the album. “I’ve learned today that my painful past is my greatest asset” he states as the introduction to the song. 

Continuing the sympathetic storytelling theme in country music, Trey made it clear that this song is based on a true story as he alludes to themes of nostalgia. Using what once was a story of being ashamed of the fact that even his best friend’s mom didn’t want them hanging out together, he turned his past into advice for the next generation. A conflict of interest between the angel and devil on his shoulder turned into some great stories to tell and owning the experiences like a souvenir

Adding contract to the project, “What I’m Doin’” engulfs us in the present and the natural transformation that occurs with falling in love. The song takes us through a story of being in love while navigating new territory. “What if?” is not the traditional question being presented here, but rather coming to the conclusion that love is not always cookie cutter and figuring out for oneself. 

The song’s book ends include beginning with a recapitulation of the track record of running when rough patches in a relationship strike, to then suddenly evolving due to finding peace in a meant to be relationship. Throughout the timeline the song prevents us with, Trey leaves the listener with the admittance of “I don’t really know how it’s supposed to go…the fact is I don’t wanna lose it, I’m just acting like I know what I’m doin’ with you”.

The album also serves and a welcome home to the prevoisy released the relatable "Mine Never Could." Written by Matt Jenkins, Zachary Kale, and Deric Ruttan, the relatable lyrics combined with Lewis’s voice make this song a must-listen for country music fans. From verse to verse Trey's well placed southern drawl evokes emotion and invites fans in. Relishing in the fact that her name is now coming off of someone else's lips, the drum heavy tune oozes with regret. While one heart may have moved on, Trey proudly says his never could.


“I feel like everything I’ve been through in my life has built up to this moment. I feel like these songs really represent where I’ve been and what I’ve been through. I believe there is something on this album for every listener, whether this is their first time hearing me or they’ve been a fan for years. My hope is that people can relate to it and play it and then play it again and again and again," Try says of the project.

Unfiltered, unconventional, and above all, unapologetic, Trey Lewis's approach to country music in universal and refreshing. Refusing to be put in a box and highlighted by real stories for real people. Always evolving, Trey's place in the country music ecosystem is needed. In a genre that can often seem a tad rinse and repeat, Lewis refuses to play by the rules. The often unfiltered riser is stepping into his own. Providing fans with moments they can place themselves in is a mark of a true superstar and damn does Trey Lewis have it.


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