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Tucker Wetmore Proves He Is Nashville's Newest Star In Debut Single "Wine Into Whiskey"

The Washington State native is making a splash in Music City with his debut single, stylistic swagger and undeniable star power!

Credit Anna Schaeffer

Full of charisma and a story to tell, Nashville's next big thing is dynamic, unconventional and according to him, a guy who just wants to share his story. Today, breakout talent Tucker Wetmore's viral hit "Wine Into Whiskey" is out for the world to enjoy. The tracks versatile lyricism weaves in and out of each note, highlighted by Wetmore's intoxicating gritty vocal. 

Honing in on his craft and sticking to the stylings he loves, the born hitmaker strikes gold with the breakout track. Speaking with All Country News, the charming tune smith said the song came together in 45 minutes thanks to a co-writing session and a stroke of genius with Jacob Hackworth and Justin Ebach.

“Putting out my debut single is a moment I've been waiting for for a very long time. This song felt like the right first release because of how it resonated with people,” shares Wetmore in a press statement. “Growing up with four sisters who mean everything to me, I've witnessed how they've been treated in relationships, and that was the inspiration behind this song. Two of my best friends, Jacob Hackworth and Justin Ebach helped me bring it to life, and I thought it'd be a good way to bring light to situations that others might be going through. Maybe, it might even help a few boys turn into men through a little self-reflection if they are on the wrong side of the narrative. This is just the beginning of what I've got in store, and I'm pumped for y'all to finally have it.”

The now viral track has earned Tucker millions of fans, some even begging for the song in the comments.

Wetmore's painfully relatable POV narrates the sting that follows the inevitable ending of a good thing thanks to fear and ego. Seamlessly personifying that gutted feeling, Tucker strikes a chord with anyone who has lifted a bottle to their lips to help cope with a fire dying out.

I took a good thing and I turned it into goodbye

Took the fire in her eyes put it on ice

Turned that angels world upside down

Dipped her wings in Tennessee brown

I turned her callin me into callin me a mistake

Turned heart of gold into a heartbreak

If I was her I’d damn sure hate me

I turned her love into pain and her wine into whiskey

Determined to bring his story forward style of country to life, the track shows off what a thoughtful tune smith Wetmore is. While hinting at classic themes in the genre like love lost, the perfect placement of the lyrics within the mid-tempo melody offer a refreshing take on what country is. The riser's poignant view of the world around him makes him one of the most dynamic risers.


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