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Tyler Dial's Ten Year Country Music Journey Captured In Debut Album "Electric West"

Country music riser and Arizona native Tyler Dial is celebrating his decades long journey by releasing his long awaited debut album. The 15 track project is full of creative sparks of genius and journals the Arizona natives journey to music city.

Credit: Alex Berger

"Electric West became a North Star for me during the project," Tyler told All Country news. "Its skateboard bands and cowboy boots. Or snapbacks and cowboy hats, it is just a perfect blend of who I am and where I come from." Unafraid to bring different sonics to a traditional sounding genre, Electric West seamlessly blends soft rock riffs with deep and vivid storytelling. The breezy easy feeling the track brings sets the tone for the whole album and transports fans into the dessert road Tyler traveled to be in this moment.

Perhaps the most insightful track off his debut project has to be the painfully honest Left Of Center. The songs double meaning gives listeners and inside track into the mind of the earnest singer/songwriter. The introspective track tells the tale of a dreamer with " a mouth like a sailor." Steadfast in the idea that hanging with the in crowd isn't always in, Tyler find solace in his journey.

"I've always wanted to do my own thing. I feel like it's pretty easy in town when you first move here to try and copy other people," Dial told All Country News. "It's so easy to write songs about picking up girls at bars and partying. But to like write a song that talks about who you are and what you stand for in three minutes is so hard to do."

Our personal favorite of the debut project has to be the tongue in cheek Sad Cactus. The groovy track's sonics offers a while new side to country music that until Tyler came along remained untapped. The song that originally started as a joke, turned into a introspective clinic for the talented songwriter. "We spent the first hour trying to figure out like different ways to jump into the song. But I love how we ended up leaning into how can we make it about my story now and what I'm feeling today?"

"I've been in Nashville for the last five years, writing songs . I've been in the bubble, I've kind of lost touch with that person that played sixth Street every weekend and got to entertain people. I ham excited to be getting in touch with that side of myself again."

A true visual artist, Tyler Dial takes fans of a journey from his roots in Arizona, to the hustle and bustle of 6th Street in Austin, Texas to now finding his voice in Nashville.

The whole album and the mature stories, and feels like it is ripped right out of a dreamers journal. Full of tender stories, unique production and a whole lot of heart, Tyler's debut project promises to take him to whole new heights.


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