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Tyler Farr Wants You To Embrace Your Inner Redneck In Gritty New Single "Rednecks Like Me"

Tyler Farr isn't afraid to be himself.

Today, unfiltered country star Tyler Farr gets back to his Missouri roots, and invites you to come along in his new single Rednecks Like Me. As one of country music's most relatable talents, Tyler is making a swift return to the mindet and sonics that he believes in and Rednecks Like Me is an earnest example.

With fellow country music comrades like Jason Aldean, Colt Ford and golf icon John Daly, Farr's inner circle allows him to show up as himself and feel the support first hand. "My buddies and I all believe in the same thing", Farr told All Country News. "God, family, friends, hard work and freedom is what we believe in. All my friends are redneck and that's the way I like it. We don't have to tiptoe around each other, I'm just simple."

Rednecks Like Me feels like a page ripped out of a country boy's journal. Farr's unapologetic and humble storytelling allow fans to be apart of Tyler's life in the humblest of ways. Farr writes from his experiences and hopes it connects with fans.

First teased on Farr's YouTube page back in November of 2021. "Supporting our military is a big part of who I am. Always has. Always will be. I wrote this song earlier this year to help convey how much their service means to me, and I think a lot of you too. Sending thanks to our veterans today and always," Farr says of the track.

Produced by Jason Aldean with his long-time band-members Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, the country-to-the bone song flaunts Farr’s proud point of view.

"I write songs about what I know. The people that come to my show, they dress pretty damn near the same way as I do. They do the same things I do and that, that's who we wrote the song for," Farr continues. "The song talks about my daughter. About going to church on Sundays or cashing paychecks on Fridays and rising hell every Saturday night. It's a life song."

Take a look around and you will see there are a lot more rednecks like me

While Tyler admits not everyone is as country as him and his bloodhound tattoo on his arm, Rednecks Like Me invites fans into his world, his way. With a new EP on the horizon, Tyler promises to bring more of his signature twangy rasp and down-home stories to his fans, including a song Questions, dedicated to his daughter Hollis.

Steadfast in his roots Tyler Farr's no bull shit demeanor, love for his way of life and unapologetic take on country music allows Rednecks Like Me to be a welcomed return to the sounds and stories that got Farr this far.


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