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Tyler Farr Clings To His Roots In Earnest New EP Rednecks Like Me.

Unfiltered and unapologetic, country music veteran Tyler Farr is ready to tell it like it is, and inspires fans with each track.

Getting back to his Midwest roots, the no BS talent grants fans an inside POV to this born country boy's life in new EP Rednecks Like Me. As one of country music's most relatable talents, Tyler is making a swift return to the mindet and sonics that he believes in and from top to bottom this whole EP is an earnest example.

"My buddies and I all believe in the same thing", Farr previously told All Country News. "God, family, friends, hard work and freedom is what we believe in. All my friends are redneck and that's the way I like it. don't have to tiptoe around each other, I'm just simple."

Rednecks Like Me feels like a page ripped out of a country boy's journal. Farr's unapologetic and humble storytelling allow fans to be apart of Tyler's life in the humblest of ways. Farr writes from his experiences and hopes it connects with fans. An ode to the simple pleasures in life, the title track is as country as the bloodhound tattoo Farr wears.

Tell You Bout That is classic Tyler at its finest. The country rock track is an anthem for any country boy who can teach you how to fix a John Deere. "I write songs about what I know. The people that come to my show, they dress pretty damn near the same way as I do. They do the same things I do and that, that's who we wrote the song for." Needless to say Tyler can teach you about anything in the redneck encyclopedia.

Fulfilling his promise to bring more of his signature twangy rasp and down-home stories to his fans, Questions, dedicated to his daughter Hollis is a masterclass is country music and a swift and welcomed return to storylines that the genre is built upon. Tounge tied when it comes to answering all his little ones questions, Farr ponders how he will have the right thing to say. Tyler's innate nature of connecting with everyday American's is on full display is this uniquely produced track.

However our favorite off the EP has to be Silverado Gold. In a genre where truck songs often get made fun of, Tyler flips haters the bird and reminds us why stories like these connect with super fans of the genre. The idyllic story tells the tale of a man rummaging through all the highlights of a vivid love story with the truck playing a leading roll. Even after the truck gives us, those memories remain. Tyler's signature grit carries the guitar heavy melody. In our opinion this is the best Tyler has ever sounded, clearly in his element.

Exploring some new sounds, Last Rodeo is a perfect edition to the new project. Toying with the emotions of a bad breakup, Farr battles knowing how he deals with such things. Using his own ways of "filling up this empty," Tyler prepares for the inevitable. Flipping a classic cowboy rides away story on its head, Farr explores the often hidden emotions a man goes thru when things end. Stuck in a familiar cycle, Farr comes to terms that this isn't his last time around with a shitty situation. All we can say is WOW!

Rounding out our redneck bingo card is some musical magic between two good ole boys. Farr and Jelly Roll team up for some beautiful country chaos in Country As Shit. The girt ridden track is truly Nashville magic. The way they play off of each other in the track is bold, gritty and yet so seamless and truly authentic to each artist. Unapologetic, both stars speak to the truths in their story. The song seems so natural for Farr who really falls into his element with this track. “This song just reminds me of all my friends coming over and living it up like Hank Jr would. We don’t need to pretty this shit up. We need to make it dirty, rusty and country," Farr told All Country News.

Steadfast in his roots Tyler Farr's no bull shit demeanor, passion for his craft, pride his way of life and unapologetic take on country music allows Rednecks Like Me to be a welcomed return to the sounds and stories that got Farr this far.


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