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Tyler Hubbard Surprises Fans At Broken Spoke Texas Dancehall For A Pop Up Show

As they say, everything is bigger and better in Texas!

Photo Credit: Evan Mattingly

While in Austin for the CMT Music Awards on March 29, Tyler Hubbard made a surprise performance at Austin’s famed Broken Spoke Texas Dancehall. Hubbard who isn't afraid of a little fun wanted to make his time in Austin a memorable one!

The idea for this pop-up performance came about at dinner with Hubbard and the band. Without any instruments or knowing if they could even play, Tyler, the band and crew grabbed Ubers and headed over to Austin’s Broken Spoke to see if they could close out their evening with a surprise performance at the legendary venue, teasing the possibility with an Instagram story. Upon arrival, they proposed their idea to the general manager who was open it, but their weekly regular artist Ian Stewart was already performing.

Stewart graciously allowed Tyler and the band to jump up on stage and play with his band’s instruments, but Hubbard’s band wasn’t complete without a bass and acoustic guitar. An old bass was found in storage, but Hubbard put out the call in IG for fans to bring guitars to the venue. Eventually, a fan brought an acoustic guitar, and the band was complete, with the addition of Stewart, who played fiddle for the entire 45-minute set.

Several hundred fans turned out to see the show and hang with Hubbard, who played his hits “5 Foot 9,” “Dancin’ In The Country,” “35’s”, as well as “Cruise” and several others. Hubbard signed autographs, took photos, and made videos with fans before and after the show.

It is this kind of energy and fan first approach that makes Tyler truly one of a kind!

Photo Credit: Evan Mattingly


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