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Uncovering the Brilliance of Nolan Taylor's EP: A Narrative on Ordinary Moments

One of country music's best kept secrets is a secret no more.

Credit: Phill Barnett

Brining the stories of the blue collar American to life, today country music newcomer gifts fans stories and sounds that they can place themselves in with his latest EP Life & Love. Known for his zestful lyrics and tantalizing tales, Nolan once again proves why he is an artist you should have on your radar.

Building on his impressive momentum the title track whisks fans away into Nolan's creative storytelling. Through subtle guitar picks and Taylor's calming tone, he narrates the idiosyncrasies of getting over an old flame. Seeping into the listeners inner psyche, Nolan ponders on all the twists and turns of life and what an often uphill climb it can be. Unafraid to be a little left of center and tackle topics that artists often shy away from, it is so surprise that fans have clung to his worlds.

Perhaps the most intoxicating track off the project is the breathtaking Tear Drop. The thought provoking track proves that Nolan's stories are dynamic just as they are universal. Once again diving into the acute emotions we all come across as humans, the song tackles the heaviness of falling out of love. The sonically provocative track pulls fans into a whirlwind story of love, loss and slowing going mad as love often makes us feel. Creatively poetic, in just over four minutes the juggernaut seamlessly personifies all the ups and downs we feel as we attempt to put out fires in our minds.

The whole EP is highlighted by universal narratives and tantalizing production. Flexing his innate ability to find acute moments of every day life and make them extraordinary and honing in on stories that connect us all. Nolan Taylor is an artist you will not want to turn off.


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