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Unleashing Diversity: Exploring Wyatt Flores' Narrative in Universal New EP 'Life Lessons'

The Stillwater, Oklahoma native adds to his already impressive discography with latest EP.

Matt Paskert

Musical juggernaut and country music phenom Wyatt Flores has taken the scene by storm with his painfully honest stories and universal Odyseys. With his intoxicating tone Wyatt once again finds new ways to commentate the idiosyncrasies of the everyday in his latest EP perfectly titled Life Lessons.

Known for his painfully relatable narratives, Wyatt once again taps into finite moments that we can all find ourselves in the feverishly creative 313. The twang filled ballad follows a wounded soul searching for meaning at the bottom of a bottle under some neon. At war with his own mind, Wyatt's grit filled tenor evokes the pain brought on by a three day bender and the pain it then inflicts on others. With creativity seeping out of each note, you know that Wyatt is not a cliche artist and doesn't rely on overdone analogies to connect with his fans.

The unconventional tunesmith continues to flex his muscles with Astronaut. Highlighted by soft acoustics and Wyatt's southern gravel guides fans through the push and pull of ejecting yourself from the narrative. Through clever analogies, Wyatt is able to pull fans in and creatively invite them into the story.

Bright and airy, the title track adds some welcomed dynamics to the project. Not afraid to be a little left of center and heading the advice of his Grandfather, Wyatt enrolls in the school of hard knocks. The autobiographical track speaks to the life that Flores chose to live chasing his dreams. From using tuition money for gas, growing his hair to long and meeting strangers in bars, the upbeat track is a universal barn burner.

The introspective Orange Bottles begs to answer the question of tacking who you become when fame is thrown into the narrative. Aiding in the story, the song starts off with a voicemail from mom just checking in as Wyatt and the boys travel the country. From waking up to a room full of eyes you don't know to struggling to wake up, Wyatt questions the price of fame. Turing into a man who doesn't recognize, Wyatt begs for someone to invest in the real him. The push and pull of fame is highlighted by the pain echoing in his tone, and seeps into the veins of listeners. A true tunesmith the song connects in the most needed of ways.

Rounding out the project is fan favorite Wild Cats. A song that Wyatt says hopes "I hope it severely bums you out," once again proves why the Okie is one of the most prolific new talents. Unafraid to tell out of the box stories, the main character in his tale is the school's own mascot. Grappling with the fact that he is not known for his touchdowns yet his giant cartoon head, the upbeat barnburner makes you smile. Poking fun at this own reality the song strikes a chord with anyone who may have been bullied.

"Life Lessons is a series of stopping points in the timeline of my early career. From carefree to caring so much you wind up feeling alone. From being a nobody to being a somebody who you don't even know. From never moving to holding on by a thread. This is the story of my pursuit of happiness while looking out the rearview," Wyatt said in a press release.

The Okie is truly wise beyond his years. Perhaps the magic in this project is that Wyatt is unafraid of sharing what the genre is to him. His ability to creative dynamic yet universal storylines is truly a well needed breathe of fresh air. From note to note, Wyatt solidifies his spot as an artist to watch. Allowing fans to get lost in your artistry is something this genre so desperately needs and damn does Wyatt Flores deliver.


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