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Unveiling the Next Chapter: What Can We Expect from Lily Rose's Highly Anticipated EP?

The country music trailblazer is set to release her most honest songs yet on her highly anticipated EP.

Lily Rose credit Cal & Aly

One of country music's most dynamic new acts is finally giving us new music. Runnin’ Outta Time is the long-awaited follow-up to ACN 10 2023 alum Lily Rose's 2021 debut project Stronger Than I Am and her first batch of new music since 2022. Serving as a musical autobiography, the new EP promises to deliver songs about Lily's wild ride from Georgia to Music City.

"This chapter of music feels different, you can feel the waves coming," Lily shared in a video on her social media. "I hope more, and more, people get to hear them as the days go by." Luckily, today Lily is giving fans a taste of what is to come with not one but two new tracks to get us through until May 10th."

Penned by Rose, Trannie Anderson, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia the high energy country bop "True North," serves as a love letter to the way of life she grew up on. Steadfast in injecting her own personal narratives into each story, the track celebrates Rose's homegrown roots and invites listeners too as well. A feverishly clever lyricist, Lily takes notes from her beloved 90's country roots by flipping the script. Finding inspiration in the timeless saying “when it all goes south," Lily flips it into something so authentic and gives listeners a driver seat view of her Georgia roots.

New fan favorite "Parking Lot," is also apart of the surprise drop. Since teasing the track earlier this year, fans have been clamoring to get their hands on the song. Perhaps the most authentic coming of age song we have seen in a while, Lily once again infuses her own experiences on the blacktop and creates something that her fans crave. From first kisses to first beer's Lily picturesque lyrics take give fans a moment to reminisce on their own parking lot moments. Not to mention, its addictive melody is the perfect song to blow out your speakers.

Over the last few months, Lily has been testing out a couple of her new songs at shows, much to the delight of her supportive fanbase. “I have the craziest, most loyal fans,” she says. “We haven’t put out new music recently. We’ve been playing the same songs and they keep showing up and buying merch and bringing friends. That’s why I kept getting invited on bigger tours. That’s the reason I had the time to make this music."

A true innovator, Lily Rose's dynamic and thoughtful approach to her craft is one to be in awe of.


1. “The Goal” (Lily Rose, Paul DiGiovanni, Trannie Anderson, Seth Ennis)

2. "Back Pew" (Lily Rose, Emily Weisband, Andy Albert, Paul DiGiovanni)

3. “Parking Lot” (Lily Rose, Lindsay Rimes, John Pierce)

4. “True North” (Lily Rose, Trannie Anderson, Hillary Lindsey, David Garcia)

5. “Two Flowers” (Lily Rose, Blake Pendergrass, Paul DiGiovanni)

6. “Runnin’ Outta Time” (Lily Rose, Lydia Vaughan, Blake Pendergrass, David Garcia)


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