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Vincent Mason's "Heart Like This": A Journey Through Heartache and Healing {Listen}

With one of the most exciting new voices in country music, breakout star Vincent Mason returns with another gold star in "Heart Like This." Known for his intoxicating and introspective songs, the young star proves that he is no viral one-trick pony. Mason finds a way to tap into an everyday moment like heartache and make the story feel brand new. Left with his broken heart in his hands, Mason struggles to figure out what to do next.

Mason’s voice does not need any frills as it is its own instrument. The acoustic sorrow adds to the dynamic depth of the track. Each lyric is perfectly placed, adding to the vulnerability. The raw emotion in his performance leaves listeners feeling as if they are right there with him, experiencing every pang of heartbreak and confusion.

Growing up right outside of Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia, Vincent Mason was inspired early by movie soundtracks and how each song perfectly fit into the storyline. These core memories of listening to music as a child all led this rising artist to grab a guitar in college and start to realize his true potential. Fusing his influences like Parker McCollum and John Mayer, his southern country side blends perfectly with the singer-songwriter's pop sensibilities - creating a fresh new sound that’s becoming incredibly popular in the genre. The 23-year-old taps into his life experiences to curate a narrative true to country storytelling.

"Heart Like This," co-written with Cary Barlowe and Jaxson Free, is a lyrical masterpiece. The chorus captures the essence of Mason's predicament:

What do I do with this bruised up broke down barely holding on thing in my chest

What I do with this damn near flatlining nose diving beat leaving me a wreck

With the shape that you left it baby I bet it

Ain’t got too much love left in it to give

So what do I do what do I do with a heart like this

The verses explore his attempts to move on, juxtaposing the comfort of Kentucky Bourbon with the unrelenting pain of a love lost. The imagery of a heart that refuses to heal, despite his efforts, resonates deeply:

I tried to drown its hurtin’ in Kentucky Bourbon

And getting it high but the high ain’t working

Tried giving it away to someone new but it’s like it doesn’t want me to

Cause baby all it wants is you

Mason's songwriting shines in its relatability and sincerity. His ability to convey complex emotions with simplicity and grace sets him apart from his peers. "Heart Like This" is not just a song about heartbreak; it is a testament to Mason's talent and his deep understanding of the human condition even at such a young age. As he continues to share his journey through music, there is no doubt that Vincent Mason is a unique talent that deserves to be celebrated.


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