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Voice Alum Ian Flanigan Reflects On Bidding Farewell To Blake And Chats New Summertime Music Video

All good things must come to an end, but for country singer Ian Flanigan the sky is the limit!

Flanigan was Blake Shelton’s 2020 finalist on The Voice, where Shelton dubbed him a “once-in-a-lifetime vocalist.” This past week Ian returned to the stage that made him a star to honor Shelton's tenure, and to share in an emotional tribute send-off.

The night was full of surprises for the country music prankster. In the night's most feel-good moment, Blake was also fêted with a “big surprise” group performance of Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by a troupe of familiar, friendly Team Blake faces, including Ian!

"I remember when we got the call," Ian told All Country News. "Blake has changed so many people's lives including mine. It really hit me to be back on stage."

During his time on Team Blake on the 19th Season of the NBC show, Ian reflected that there was no shortage of Blake-isms.

"I was preparing to be saved by America. I had been working on the guitar part for about a week in case I needed to perform it. Right before we got up to perform I was told no instruments." The singer, who has only ever performed with his trusty guitar felt a tad awkward, and clearly Blake noticed. "I remember getting through. After I got saved and the camera stopped rolling, Blake made an announcement letting everybody know that Ian will never be performing without his guitar again," Ian laughs.

The country riser also has a new music video out today for his tune Under The Southern Sky. Directed by Justin Mayotte, the dreamy visuals mixed with Ian's signature grit make it the perfect summertime love song.

"For the video shoot had a really solid team and it was just a few of us that went out and made it in one day," Ian told us. The song itself is really just about celebrating small town kind of lifestyle in a big way and I think the video reflects that!"

Ian will also be apart of the biggest week in country music CMA Fest in Nashville next week. On June 9th Ian will hit the Spotlight Stage inside Fan Fair X at 4:30! "I'm really excited and grateful to be back this year. I can't wait to test out some new material and mix in some fan favorites!"

Luckily fans won't have to wait to long for that new material!Ian is preparing to unveil his latest musical offering, a new EP titled 'STRONG: The Muscle Shoals Sessions.' Set to release on July 28th, 2023, this EP showcases acoustic versions from his sophomore album and exudes a unique "southern rock vibe." These stripped-down arrangements allow Ian's voice to take center stage, infusing the deeply personal songs with raw emotion and authenticity.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to experiencing Ian's talent and artistry in full bloom on this highly anticipated EP. His ability to channel his southern roots and infuse his music with sincerity and soul sets him apart as a remarkable artist in the contemporary music scene.


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