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WATCH: Carly Pearce's Hilarious Prank: The 'Escaped Inmate' Who Stole Hearts and Laughter

Country music sensation Carly Pearce recently pulled off a prank that had her audience cracking up. In a video shared on her social media, she captioned it "Arrested for eating too many cookies," leaving fans curious and amused.

The video begins with Carly sharing an unexpected and peculiar situation. She reveals that an inmate had somehow managed to escape from the local jail and found his way to her tour bus. Gasps ripple through the crowd as they hang on to every word. It's a classic setup for an outrageous story.

Carly continues, explaining how the inmate, despite their initial hesitation, was allowed on the tour bus. Laughter breaks out in the audience as Carly playfully admits to her own gullibility, saying, "I know I'm stupid." She cleverly keeps her fans on their toes, building suspense.

The anticipation escalates when Carly shares the inmate's revelation - he's a massive country music fan. The audience must have been wondering where this unusual tale was headed. Carly, never one to miss a beat, seizes the opportunity. She offers the "guest" a deal, if he behaves himself he might be allowed to attend the show and even grace the stage. The crowd's cheers indicate that they're fully on board with the prank.

The highlight of the prank emerges when Carly introduces her guest to the audience. The crowd's gasps turn into laughter and applause as a cute dog in a black and white striped inmate costume gets carried onto the stage.

This surprise guest isn't just any dog, it's Johnny, who turns out to be the brave prankster behind the entire act. With a nod to Johnny's boldness and a hilarious goodbye, Carly wraps up the prank.

Carly Pearce's creativity knows no bounds, and her ability to infuse humor and spontaneity into her shows leaves her fans utterly entertained. While Johnny may not be joining her on stage anytime soon, his memorable cameo as the "escaped inmate" will surely remain a cherished moment for both Carly and her fans.

In a world where surprises and laughter are often the best medicine, Carly Pearce's prank exemplifies the joy that can be found in the unexpected and the lighthearted moments shared between an artist and her adoring audience.


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