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WATCH: Cody Johnson Reveals The Gender Of A Fans Baby

This gender reveal is extra special because Cody Johnson revealed if this fan was having a cowgirl or a cowboy!

This couple held up a sign that said, "Will I be a cowgirl like mom, or a cowboy like dad." CoJo patiently ripped open the envelope as this couple, and fans, waited with anticipation. Cody asked if the mom already had kids in which she replied that she had one of each. Cody responded, "You have one of each? Well, you got one more little girl." Fans went wild alongside the couple, and Cody couldn't help contain his joy either.

Being nominated for many CMA and AMC awards, record hits, and world tours, can't compare to the love he has for his sweet family. Cody and his wife Brandi are proud parents to two daughters Clara Mae and Cori, so as a girl dad himself, he was very happy for these sweet fans.


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