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WATCH: Pete Miller Retells A Classic Bible Story In "Oh Lord"

Blue collar artist and storyteller Pete Miller digs deep into our past for his latest project Oh Lord.

The alt country/folk singer once again shows off his vivid imagination and story sense of storytelling. The raw single revolves around the story of Joseph and his brothers, and builds on themes of jealousy, deceit, slavery, God, riches, rubies, pridefulness and forgiveness. Drawing on the influence of classic blues and folk songs like “The Unfortunate Rake,” Pete Miller paints a vivid picture of this timeless story.

A self-proclaimed blue-collar artist, Pete Miller often takes up work at warehouses, lumber yards, and construction sites in addition to pursuing his music career. His work gives special depth and insight to his music as he shares his personal experiences and heartfelt emotions through stripped-down and down-to-earth songs, and Oh Lord hold up to that creative value.


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