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WATCH: Reba & Jennifer Hudson Team Up For An Epic Duet Of An Aretha Franklin Classic

Reba and Jennifer Hudson should really team up more often! The country music icon stopped by the Jennifer Hudson Show last week to catch up and chat all things Reba!

Chris Millard / Warner Bros.

During their chat, Reba revealed that back in the eighties that she had the chance to meet Aretha and was "Starstruck". Funny enough J-Hud knows a thing or two about the Queen of Soul after portraying her in the bio pic.

Back in 1988 Reba took to the CMA stage to cover the hit, she later recorded a cover of the song on her album 'Reba,' released later that same year.

"I liked the song," she said, "I loved the song. I love Aretha. I got to meet her. She scared me to death. I wouldn't even talk to her."

Hudson then asked McEntire if she'd be up to duet "Respect" with her right then and there on the talk show, well and the rest is history!


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