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William Beckmann Captures The Dynamics Of A Heartache In New Album "Here's To You. Here's To Me."

One of the most daring and dynamic new risers in country music hails from Del Rio, TX. With a sharp sense of style and a quick witt in the writer's room, William Beckmann is a name you need to know!

Today, the country music innovator gives listens a peek into the many layers of heartache and breakups in the zestful new album Here's To You. Here's To Me. The seven track project takes fans through the push and pull a fresh breakup entails while providing new creative narratives.

Right out of the gate fan's ears are blessed with a bright harmonica and a steady beat in Damn This Heart Of Mine. Written by Beckmann alongside friend and collaborator Nick Wash, the track perfectly personifies how your heart feels during a breakup. While William told All Country News it was originally a "sad boy" song. Offering up a creative perspective to the often rise and repeat love song allows Beckmann to show off his chops. With clever lines like “It won’t let me let go, and it sure won’t let me die," the track draws them in looking to see what is next.

Adding another layer to the album and a new perspective to heartache. Leaving Kansas explores the anguish surrounding leaving your home to chase your dreams and leaving someone behind. Full of infectious instrumentation William's tender tone shines. "Living off a whiskey and a little bit of hope," evokes the painfully familiar feeling any dream chaser as felt. Feverishly clever this is also where the inception of the album's title is found.

"Here's to you. Here's to me, is like raising a glass to a relationship that never worked out," William tells All Country News. "It really sums up the vibe of the whole record."

Slowing things down a tad, the gutwretching It's Still January allows the Texas native's voice to soar. Written by Beckmann's songwriting hero Keith Gattis, the melodic track narrates the cold feeling a broken heart can leave you with. Williman's conviction is not only stricking but painfully relatable. "I was able to send it to Keith before he passed and he told me he loved it. His approval meant the world to me," the country riser tells All Country News.

An ode to the road dogs, Bad Dreams and Amphetamines sets this crooner apart from the pack. Like a page ripped out of a road warrior's journal, the song paints the picture of the agony constantly being on the road can bring. Honestly, this could have been a Tom Petty track. Beckmann's clever world play is put on full display while adding depth and dynamics to a stellar project.

Have you ever fallen head over heals for someone while on vacation? If you have Tennessee Drinkin' and it's steady and unique guitar riffs may be one of the most vigorous songs we have heard in a while. From chorus to chorus Beckmann's emotions ooze from every lyric. Written by William with Music Row veterans Jeremy Spillman and Randy Montana the track narrates the a story about a guy on vacation who falls for a girl on the Texas coast and has a hard time fighting off her memory back home in Tennessee. "I love story songs that paint a picture when you listen to it. I knew it was special as soon as the song was finished," William beams.

Continuing to show off his range Beckmann hits us with one two punch in Can't Be Found. Refreshing yet familiar, the undeniably country guitar almost seems like a nod to Mr. Waylon Jennings. The solo write is vibrant and transports any listener right into the Honky Tonks of Texas.

Perhaps the most surprising track off the whole project, and our favorite is the unassuming The Party. Written by Beckmann while on an airplane, a clever senario popped into the Texas native's mind. "What if you weren't sober enough to say hi to your ex at a party." Then it was off to the races. William admitted it was a tricky song to finish, yet the raw production adds to the overall anxiousness and awkwardness we all feel if we were to find ourselves in that situation. With emotive lyrics and lines like "I was too high to say hi," paints the picture of the pain missing someone brings and wraps the whole project up in a perfect bow.

The album brings a sense of consistency while still exploring themes that are timeless and relatable. A thoroughly engaging listen, Here's To You. Here's To Me. is a finite collection of heartache songs that are endlessly relevant. With an approachable style of lyricism this album as a little bit some something for everyone. I think its safe to say that we have a Bob Dylan of country music!


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