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Zach Bryan Shares Gratitude And Photos After Massive Grammy Week. "Thank You To Everyone Who Was Kind To Me Along The Way"

"Four years ago I was just Zach," the superstar shared.

Via Zach's Instagram

A first Grammy win and platinum album all in one week for Zach Bryan. After a whirlwind week, the Okie took to Instagram to share a message of reflection and gratitude. 

"ZB went platinum today and I’ve gotten emotional a few times this week for a lot of different reasons. Finally got the chance to reflect on the Grammy, the nine ball video, my family in town and now this guy becoming silver," Zach started. Bryan's self titled fourth-studio album was certified platinum by the RIAA Wednesday (February 7th). The wildly successful album was also home to the duet with Kacey Musgraves "I Remember Everything." 

The breakout song from the album was an instant hit. Going viral on social media as well as debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, Hot Rock and Alternative and the Hot 100 chart. Currently, the magical track is spending its 18th straight week at #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

"It’s insanely ironic that I Remember Everything is one of the bigger songs on the record because four years ago I was just Zach, existing in an entirely different reality with all my close friends, going on deployments, riding my motorcycle, just enjoying life and sometimes happily, sometimes painfully, I do remember everything.

We made a damn album in an air bnb and now the boys and me have stadium shows across the country and quite a few platinum records (not to be arrogant just saying it because we’re all idiots and it’s mind numbing)

It is all so surreal but if anyone who knows me knows that I don’t consider any of it success if I don’t have my best friends and my family with me."

Perhaps the best thing about Zach is that he is truly humble. An earnest creative to just wants to tell stories and be with the ones he loves!

Via Zach Bryan Instagram

"My family was always lower, middle class Oklahomans, my grandfather taught me all things grandfathers teach and my mother was a saint. They taught me kindness, courage, love, my work ethic and they taught me to never let anyone tell you who you are

So now we’re all here, there was never a point to any of this anyways, but I want to say I am nothing without the support of the people who listened to that first album and stuck with me through the ups and downs of who I am.

I am proud this record is called ZB and I am proud of the people who made it with me, and I am content in my own skin nowadays

Thank you to everyone who was kind to me along the way. I have met with, drank with, fought with and made music with some incredible people

I love all of you and I’m gonna go sleep for a few days"

"my brothers playing sold out out shows and getting hammered in London amazed anyone even knew us in Europe," Zach Instagram

Perhaps we could all learn a thing or two from ZB!


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