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ACN Exclusive: Liddy Clark Portrays Temporary Love In "Til The Sun Breaks The Dawn"

It’s no secret that the country-alternative world cherishes authentic, vulnerable songwriting. Look at Zach Bryan, for instance - his transparency and genuine connection with fans sets him apart. The up-and-coming Liddy Clark, inspired by his one of a kind artistry, continues to develop her own voice in this burgeoning subgenre. Today, All Country News has the honor of exclusively premiering her newest single, “Til The Sun Breaks The Dawn.”

“I wrote this song after I had my first all-nighter with some friends in Boston who I'd just done a Berklee summer program with. We had spent every day of our lives together for 5 weeks, and after that, we'd never all see each other in the same room again. So I got really sentimental about that,” shared Clark. “I felt like even though it was short and in the past, the love I have for my friends was never gonna go away. We stayed up and watched the sunrise together, which is where the song title comes from. Even though a new day had to begin, I'm so grateful for the time I had with them and know it won't be the last time forever, just for now.”

The rising star has built a fanbase of around 550K across social media, including over 200K on every budding musician’s go-to platform (or as some like to call it, TikTok). The release of “Til The Sun Breaks The Dawn” precedes her debut album Made Me, out March 17. Additionally, she’s given fans a special glimpse into her musical mind through her “we’re just friends” playlist, which has garnered over 75K followers on Spotify.

A recent graduate of the prestigious USC Thornton School of Music, Clark continues to thrive in Los Angeles. Living and studying in the nation’s entertainment capital has certainly shaped her. In her storytelling, one can easily hear the laid-back yet introspective approach that’s characteristic of the city’s indie scene. Despite remaining grounded in folk influences, she adds a chill, breezy touch to her work.

She’s like a country version of Gracie Abrams, in a sense - we say this because she truly knows how to make her music resonate in the small, intimate venues she plays in. She has an upcoming album release show at the Peppermint Club on March 25th - don’t forget to get your tickets!

With lines like “Sometimes love’s only temporary / And all we’ve got is a ticking clock in the back of our heads,” Clark illustrates universal truths in a simple, beautiful way. Her smooth yet haunting vocals bring the track to life. Driven by her adventurousness and passion, Clark is setting herself up to be the next defining force of the music industry, possibly even the next big name in the genre.


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