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Country Songstress Ashley Ryan Offers Up A Softer Side In Acoustic Take On "Hush Little Baby"

Anytime an artist releases an acoustic version of a track, our ears perk up. Today powerhouse vocalist Ashley Ryan showcases her dynamic rage in the stunning acoustic take on her viral hit Hush Little Baby.

Photo by Libby Danforth.

Hush little baby, don't you cry/ Your mama's got a 12-gauge held up high/ And if that boy ever breaks your heart /I'll send him where the moon meets and kisses the stars," the California native sings with haunting conviction.

With a southern gothic feel and classic bluegrass instrumentation, Ashley calls out a warning to any man who even lifts a finger to her baby girl. The innovative story is a welcomed return to strong narratives that country music sometimes throws to the wayside.

"'Hush Little Baby' was one of the first songs I have ever written independently, and has been a labor of love for many years," Ashley told All Country News. "Due to the overwhelming response I received after its initial release in January, I decided to give y’all an acoustic version of the song. It maintains that eerie vibe, like the original, while stripping it down to a bluegrass instrumentation. This storyline captures the true heart behind a protective mother."

With potent lines like “just because he a male don’t make him a man," Ryan sets herself apart in an often overcrowded genre. Feverishly clever and committed to creating vivid portraits of real life, Ashley Ryan's breakthrough is on the horizon.


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