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EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Schneider's New Single "Bad Decisions" Was An Easy Decision Thanks To Fan Response

The breakout star said it was an easy choice to kick off the New Year with his painfully relatable new single.

Credit: Peyton Dollar

Fresh off a wildly scussessful 2023, Dylan Schinder is starting off this year with a bang! Today, his new single "Bad Decisions" marks the beginning of what Dylan says will be a year chalk full of new music.

The steamy track penned by Dylan alongside good friends Gabe Foust and Jacob Hackworth, gives a voice to the modern situationship. "The song is laid back and relatable," the Indiana native told All Country News. "I rolled into the writing session about thirty minutes late," Dylan laughs. "The guys had the idea nailed down, so by the time I got there it really was just spitting out verse ideas. It really came together so quick."

Highlighted by an earworm of a beat and a storyline that perfectly personifies the hamster wheel of toxic love, Dylan is able to directly connect with fans. The steady pace weaves a narrative of heartache, longing, and a rollercoaster of human emotions that sometimes we ignore in the name of love. The essence of the track lies not only in its melodic sound but also in its ability to resonate with anyone who has suffered the ache of unfulfilled promises and the yearning for the door to never really close.

It is no surprise that the fan response to the song has been wild. With fans begging for a release date, it seems that Dylan's innate ability to find storylines that make country music listeners go wild is his superpower.


Dylan will also be weaving across the country this year, taking his impressive discography along with him. "This is the soonest in the year I have ever hit the road," Dylan reflects as 2024 started with three sold out opening slots with good friend Nate Smith.

A born performer, Dylan says that prepping for his time on the World On Fire Tour, he decided that his setlist would take fans on a journey through his impressive career. "I am excited to get in the groove right off the bat. With the time we have on stage with this tour, I want to make sure we hit all the highpoint while getting fans ready for new music."

Dylan also hopes that 2024 will be a year of growth. Diving deeper into his live show and his wiritng, Dylan is hopeful that this year will be full of checks on his bucket list. One of those is already in the works as Dylan will be taking the stage at the iconic Stagecoach in April. "This year is going to be a big one," Dylan admits. "We are even working on some solo headlining dates, something I have been excited about for a while."

The Midwestern talent truly is a breathe of fresh air in a pool that often gets overcrowded. Dylan not only lives up to his hitmaker status, but he exceeds it. If this is how the Hoosier is kicking off the year, we can't wait to see what is next!


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