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John Morgan Feels The Coldness Of A Breakup Despite Texas Heat In “Cold Summer in San Antone"

Updated: Jan 9

I think it is safe to say that we can all relate to the isolating feeling following a breakup, and country riser John Morgan earnestly captures the uneasy feeling in his latest single Cold Summer in San Antone.

Skilled with a pen and feverishly dynamic, John teams up with friends and frequent collaborators Ben Hayslip and producer Will Bundy to paint a painfully relatable picture of the dreary days that follow a heartache, despite the record setting highs outside.

The even tempo track puts the North Carolina native's range on full display, and who doesn't love the hum of a pedal steel. While staying steadfast to his love of real stories for real people, Morgan once again adds a dash of depth to his already impressive discography.

Making music that feels good to him seems to be Morgan's golden ticket, yet according to the tunesmith the change of pace in the new single "doesn't really have any rhyme or reason to it." Maybe that is the proof in the Music Row pudding. Oozing with validity, Morgan's subtle twang is undeniably fresh and is a swift and welcomed return to the traditional sounds that he grew up on, but that fans also crave.

Whimsical yet authentic with clever lines like "it's negative one in this bedroom tonight," the classic beer drinking, whiskey sippin' heartbreak tune narrates the harrowing days following love lost. Plus who doesn't love a classic 90s country double entendre.

Perhaps it's John's partnership with Hayslip and Bundy that aid in the success of the track. John says while it is full of give and take, he knows that when he mixes his strengths with theirs, magic is made.

"I feel like we both appreciate each other's ability to know our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being in the studio. I know my strong suits and he knows his, and thankfully they kind of compliment each other," John says of his relationship with Bundy.

The Tar Heel's approachable style of lyricism evokes familiar emotion and opens the door for fans to connect, John Morgan not only lives up to his #1 songwriter status, he exceeds it! It seems that 2023 is a breakout year for Morgan.


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