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LISTEN: Breakout Star Tucker Wetmore Showcases His Intoxicating Charisma In Latest Single “Wind Up Missin’ You”

Following last month’s debut single “Wine Into Whiskey” that catapulted him into the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs chart, the athlete turned Music City star now returns with a song that is even more highly anticipated than his buzzy debut.

Credit Anna Schaeffer

If you have been on country music TikTok, then you have undoubtably heard this buzzworthy track. Today, Washington State native Tucker Wetmore proves once again why is his the genre's next big thing. The highly anticipated track already caught fire on social media thanks to it's seductive sonics and gripping charisma backed by Tuckers intoxicating gritty vocal.

Penned by Tucker alongside Thomas Archer and Chris La Corte, the cinematic song perfectly layers country swagger with a modern pop beat. Setting his sights on a bright new love interest, Tucker charmingly weaves fans in and out of a budding love story. With a voice full of personality and looking to turn a fling into the real thing, Tucker relishes in the fact that this girl may just be the one, charmingly begging her for more time.

The magic in this track clearly lies in its way to cleverly connect. Since the track was first teased on social media, fans have been using the catchy chorus to showcase their own love stories. In a genre that proudly stands tall on its tradition of love song, Tucker's creativity rises above the rest.

“I'm incredibly proud of this song,” shares Wetmore in a press statement. “It paints a picture of young love to me, something we've all had a taste of at some point. Me and my buddies poured our hearts into it trying to capture that feeling just right. When we wrote it, we knew we had something special, but it was the support from the fans that turned it into something bigger than I could've ever dreamed of. You guys changed my life with the last song, and I hope y'all enjoy this one too.”

Perhaps the most anticipated song of 2024, Tucker Wetmore proves he is more than just a one trick pony, but a Nashville tunesmith with a smart POV. Perhaps one of the most capable new talents in Music City, Tucker Wetmore is only getting started.


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