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LISTEN: Renee Blair Continues Her "Hillbetty" Era With The Infectious "Banjos and Boys"

CMA and ACM Award nominated songwriter Renee Blair showcases her country flair with yet another new buzz worthy single.

Country music's favorite Hillbetty is back! Known for her fun take on country themes, Blair once again showcases that country music fan be fun! Her latest single in her Hillbetty era is the intoxicating "Banjos and Boys." The song's infectious pop country anthem effortlessly blends contemporary pop elements with the timeless charm of country music. Once the toe tapping beat kicks in, listeners are transported to a world where summer nights, bonfires, and young love reign supreme.

What sets "Banjos and Boys" apart is its irresistible melody and expertly crafted production. The fusion of banjo-driven hooks with modern pop instrumentation creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary, appealing to fans of all ages and musical tastes. The song's upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it impossible to resist tapping your feet and singing along. While the theme of young love and summertime adventures is nothing new in country music, Blair injects "Banjos and Boys" with a sense of authenticity and a large dash of sass.

If "Banjos and Boys" is any indication of what is to come in 2024 for Renee, we are ready! It's a feel-good anthem that celebrates the joys of good times and offers a fun look at love. With its irresistible hooks and infectious energy, "Banjos and Boys" is sure to become a favorite on summer playlists everywhere.


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