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Naomi Cooke Johnson Paints An Idyllic Picture Of Summer In Bright New Single "Girls Of Summer"

Naomi Cooke Johnson is boldly stepping into a new era more inspired than ever!

Today the bold songstress formerly of Runaway June, is helping to usher in her solo career and summer with her bright debut single Girls Of Summer.

The guitar heavy summer anthem makes listeners want to grab their buddies and head to the beach with a cocktail in hand. Yet Cooke's seasoned vocals add a pitch of maturity to her brand new track!

" I have enjoyed being able to express myself fully and not in the context of a group," Naomi told All Country News. "I am proud of the songwriter that I've become and kind of detached from the results. I just want to have fun with it. There really is no picture of summer without a girl in it," Naomi continues. "It represents freedom and magic and I really wanted to bring it all to life."

The no frills summer staple reminds us of the carefree days of our youth, between the perfectly placed instrumentation and Naomi's fiery sense of self make this song not only a seasonal smash but represent the no frills attitude that Naomi wants to represent in her new era.

"I am remaining really curious and putting my best foot forward. I'm just having so much fun. From making the visual aspect of the music to being in full charge of it and not really having to run it by anyone. Everyone has been so trusting and supportive in my vision."

It is that undeniable curiosity that perks our ears up. Plus the born entertainer is tapping into a market that for us and the songstress really has been untapped for two decades, women not girls.

"Whatever summer is to you, whether on a beach, a broadway street, or just riding around your hometown with the windows down and your friends by your side, I hope "Girls of Summer" will transport you to a barefoot euphoria of your own where new core memories are made," said Cooke Johnson.

"Personally, I think our genre prefers more mature and life based songs. It is really hard truthfully represent the country blue collar life if you are only 18," Cooke Johnson laughs. "I want to be able to have music for women and fans that have gone through real life stuff. There are so many fans that aren't being spoken to, I am ready to change that."

Naomi Cooke Johnson's outlook on country music makes us excited. Remaining curious and tapped into the wants and needs of herself and her fans is a swift and welcomed return to the ideals of country icons. Girls of Summer invites fans into her wanderlust world and promises to offer a more mature look on women in country. It's not just a summer anthem but a female one. The track is a strong out of the gate showing for the passionate singer/songwriter. Steadfast in her artistry, this natural born hitmaker has stepped into her own and we are so hear for it.


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