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Nine Country Music Songs You Need To Hear This Week Featuring Kameron Marlowe, Jackson Dean, Shaboozey & More

Kameron Marlowe - Keepin' The Lights On

Kameron Marlowe's sophomore album, Keepin' the Lights On, is a testament to the depth and creative prowess of the North Carolina native. Each of the 16 tracks unfolds like a classic novel, rich with ups and downs, life lessons, and moments of pure joy. From the opening notes, Marlowe immerses listeners in a world where honky-tonk rhythms and golden melodies weave together, creating an atmosphere thick with the dust and authenticity of country roots. Yet, it’s the versatility within the ballads that truly sets this album apart. Marlowe's willingness to take risks and showcase vulnerability shines through in every song, presenting a thoughtfully curated concept that feels like a perfect setlist from start to finish. He navigates themes of love, loss, hope, and resilience with a voice that is both powerful and tender, capturing the essence of each story he tells. Standout tracks such as "I Can Run," "High Hopes," and the eponymous "Keepin' the Lights On" highlight his ability to connect deeply with listeners. These songs are drenched in emotion and sincerity, bringing innovative stories back to the genre. Marlowe’s ambition is clear as he swerves away from the typical comfort zones, offering a unique ride through his musical landscape. The album is unapologetically honest, embracing a rawness that is often missing in contemporary country music. Marlowe's storytelling is profound, each lyric dripping with authenticity and relatable experiences. His boldness in embracing his truth invites listeners to do the same, making Keepin' the Lights On not just an album, but a journey. Kameron Marlowe is fiercely leading us into a new era of country music where authentic feelings and stories reign supreme. His sophomore effort proves that he is not only a powerhouse vocalist but also a masterful storyteller, unafraid to bring real life and heart back to the forefront of the genre. Keepin' the Lights On is a triumph, a beacon of hope, and a reminder of the power of genuine music.

Terri Clark - Take Two

Terri Clark's new reimagined duets album, Take Two, is a heartfelt homage to the hits that shaped her illustrious career. With each track, Clark breathes new life into beloved classics, showcasing her enduring influence in the country music scene. The soul-fulfilling experience of collaborating with fellow artists drives the album's vibrant energy, making it a must-listen for fans old and new. Clark's signature grit, wit, and charisma are evident throughout the album, reaffirming her status as one of the genre's biggest forces. The intoxicating duets with Cody Johnson and Lauren Alaina, among others, transform the project into a perfect honky-tonk time machine, transporting listeners back to the golden days of country music. However, it is “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me,” featuring Lainey Wilson, that truly sets the project ablaze. This standout track illuminates the powerhouse vocals of Clark and Wilson, representing two generations of formidable women in country music. The stark familiarity of its 90’s country style, combined with the unique touches brought by both artists, makes “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” a cornerstone of the intoxicating project. Each song on Take Two seamlessly blends the original charm of the hits with fresh interpretations, proving Clark’s ability to stay relevant and dynamic in a constantly evolving genre. Her passion for country music and the joy of collaboration shine through in every note, making the album a soulful celebration of her musical journey. Terri Clark’s Take Two is not just a collection of duets; it’s a testament to the timeless nature of country music and the enduring legacy of its icons.

Leon Majcen

Leon Majcen’s self-titled sophomore album is a brilliant tapestry of Americana, Folk, and Country that vividly showcases his evolution as a singer-songwriter. Co-produced with Andrew Boulianne, this 10-track record is a testament to the Florida native’s ability to craft thoughtful lyrics intertwined with memorable melodies, all wrapped in a consistent seaside flair that transports listeners to a breezy, carefree landscape.

From the opening track, Majcen’s storytelling prowess is evident. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of heartfelt moments, evoking both nostalgia and a sense of place. "Blue Sky," one of the standout tracks, exemplifies this with its dreamy, expansive sound and lyrics that evoke endless possibilities and a serene state of mind. It’s a song that feels like a gentle ocean breeze, bringing with it a sense of calm and introspection.

"Sunday Morning Coffee" is another highlight, capturing the simplicity and warmth of everyday moments. Majcen’s smooth vocals and acoustic arrangement create an intimate atmosphere, making listeners feel as if they’re sharing a quiet morning with him. The song’s charm lies in its ability to find beauty in the mundane, showcasing Majcen’s talent for turning ordinary experiences into musical poetry.

Throughout the album, Majcen’s unique blend of genres stands out. His incorporation of Americana, Folk, and Country elements feels both fresh and familiar, appealing to a wide range of listeners. Each track is meticulously crafted, with no detail overlooked, from the intricate guitar work to the subtle harmonies that enrich his sound.

Majcen’s ability to create a narrative is what sets him apart in Music City’s bustling scene. His songs are not just melodies but stories that resonate deeply with his audience. This album is a clear indication that Leon Majcen is a rising star with a bright future ahead. His distinctive voice and heartfelt songwriting are exactly what the music world needs more of – authenticity, emotion, and a touch of that unmistakable seaside magic.

Dani Rose - Good Mourning

Dani Rose's latest single, "Good Mourning," is a tour de force that masterfully combines traditional country music elements with a modern, sassy flair. The song's clever double entendre is both a tribute to the golden age of country and a bold statement of contemporary independence. From the moment Rose's powerful vocals take center stage, it’s clear she has found her unique voice in the genre. Her delivery is both soulful and defiant, perfectly encapsulating the song's themes of rebirth and self-liberation.

The lyrics, co-written by Rose alongside Candi Carpenter, Alden Witt, and Aaron Kessler, are a brilliant mix of dark humor and poignant reflection. Lines like "I've been hiding a body in the back of my heart" and "my former self is dead, my hands are crimson red" paint a vivid picture of personal transformation. The production, handled by Jaxon Hargrove, Witt, Kessler, and Carpenter, is lush yet gritty, giving the track a rich sonic texture that complements Rose's dynamic performance. "Good Mourning" invites listeners to a metaphorical funeral, complete with flowers, a chicken casserole, and a cathartic celebration. The chorus, with its uplifting melody juxtaposed against the notion of mourning, reinforces the song's central message: embracing the end of one chapter as the beginning of another. Rose's declaration, "I'm not sorry baby, this good mourning," is a powerful affirmation of self-discovery and resilience. In essence, "Good Mourning" is a standout single that not only showcases Dani Rose's exceptional vocal depth but also her ability to craft songs that resonate on multiple levels. It's a track that promises to resonate with both traditional country fans and those who appreciate a modern twist. With this release, Dani Rose cements her place in the contemporary country music landscape, proving that she is an artist to watch.

Tiffany Woys - I'm Your Woman EP

Tiffany Woys' new EP, "I’m Your Woman," marks a significant milestone in her career as she transitions from solely a singer to a songwriter. Drawing from deeply personal and often painful experiences, Woys has crafted a collection of songs that are both poignant and powerful. Her hauntingly beautiful voice breathes life into each track, capturing a wide range of emotions with raw authenticity. The standout track, “Took Back,” reverberates with a devastating ache, encapsulated in the line, "It ain’t just a ring that you took back." Woys elaborates on this, explaining, “I wanted him to know that it wasn’t just the ring he took back, it was all the promises. It’s all the time. It’s all the love.” This sentiment echoes throughout the EP, as she transforms personal heartbreak into universal truths. Each song on "I’m Your Woman" showcases Woys’ talent for storytelling and her ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Her voice, both powerful and vulnerable, serves as the perfect conduit for the EP's themes of love, loss, and resilience. The instrumentation complements her vocals beautifully, creating a rich, immersive listening experience. Tiffany Woys’ foray into songwriting proves to be a triumphant one, as she deftly navigates complex emotions and experiences. "I’m Your Woman" is a testament to her growth as an artist, offering a glimpse into her soul while resonating with anyone who has faced similar struggles. This EP not only solidifies Woys' place in the country music scene but also establishes her as a formidable songwriter with a bright future ahead.

Shaboozey - Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going

Shaboozey's debut album, Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going, is a groundbreaking blend of country and hip-hop that firmly establishes him as one of the most exciting new talents in the music industry. This expansive 12-track project is a masterful showcase of his ability to seamlessly merge genres, creating a sound that is both nostalgically familiar and refreshingly innovative. The album's focus track, "My Fault" featuring Noah Cyrus, is a standout piece where their voices intertwine beautifully over an intricate acoustic guitar melody. This collaboration highlights the emotional depth and vocal prowess of both artists, setting a high bar for the rest of the album. Shaboozey’s ambition to build his own world within the Alt-Country/Hip-Hop space is evident throughout the album, as he crafts a unique sound that pays homage to traditional western influences like Bob Dylan, Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen, while also pushing the boundaries of what these genres can become. Shaboozey's Virginia roots ring in every track, bringing an authentic and personal touch to his music. Tracks like "Last Of My Kind" featuring Paul Cauthen and "Horses & Hellcats" showcase his ability to blend storytelling with genre-bending compositions. Meanwhile, "A Bar Song (Tipsy)" stands out as the song of the summer with its catchy hooks and infectious energy. Each song on Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going is a carefully crafted piece of the larger narrative, taking listeners on a cinematic journey through the American West. Shaboozey's storytelling is vivid and compelling, painting pictures with his lyrics and drawing listeners into his world. This album not only highlights his talent as a singer and songwriter but also his ability to push the boundaries of country music, introducing new sounds and perspectives to the genre. As country music continues to evolve, Shaboozey sheds light on what new voices can bring to the table. His debut album is a testament to his artistic vision and his determination to carve out his own lane in the music industry. With Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going, Shaboozey has delivered a boldly realized work that cements his status as a singular new voice on the music scene and not just a one trick pony. His ability to blend country and hip-hop seamlessly offers a refreshing take on the future of these genres, making this album a must-listen for fans of both styles.

Meghan Patrick - Whether You Love Me or Not

Meghan Patrick's new song, "Whether You Love Me or Not," is a powerful anthem of self-love and resilience. Written by Patrick alongside Emma Lee and Karen Kosowski, the track stands out with its bold and unapologetic approach to themes of heartache and self-empowerment. Patrick's gritty femininity shines through in every line, making it a standout addition to the country music genre. Produced by a team of talented women, the song carries an authentic and raw energy that resonates deeply. Patrick's vocals are both strong and vulnerable, perfectly capturing the complexity of moving on from a painful past while embracing self-worth. The lyrics are honest and unflinching, addressing issues like mental health and overcoming abuse with a rare sincerity.

"Whether You Love Me or Not" is more than just a song about heartbreak; it's an anthem for anyone who's ever struggled and come out stronger. Patrick continues to be a fearless voice in country music, tackling difficult subjects with grace and power. Her ability to turn personal pain into universal messages of hope and strength is truly remarkable. The production is top-notch, with a sound that's both polished and raw, reflecting the song's emotional depth. The collaboration with Lee and Kosowski brings out the best in Patrick, resulting in a track that's both anthemic and deeply personal. This song is a testament to the strength and resilience of women, making it a must-listen for fans of country music and beyond. In "Whether You Love Me or Not," Meghan Patrick proves once again why she's one of country music's most compelling and authentic voices. The song is a celebration of self-love and resilience, delivered with a gritty, unapologetic edge that only Patrick can provide. It's a powerful reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we have the strength to overcome them and love ourselves through it all.

Jackson Dean - Big Blue Sky

Jackson Dean's latest track, "Big Blue Sky," is a heartfelt homage to his childhood dog, Carl, reimagined as a wise, human wanderer. Dean's songwriting shines with creativity, weaving a narrative that feels both personal and universal. The song opens with an ethereal acoustic vibe, evoking imagery of a scenic drive through mountain highways with a loyal dog by your side, head out the window, basking in the fresh air. Dean’s gravelly vocals resonate deeply, guiding listeners through a musical journey that feels like traversing winding roads and rugged terrain.Dean's ability to blend dreamy soundscapes with the free-spirited essence of the American West is captivating. His vocal grit adds an intoxicating charm to the track, making it both rugged and endearing. The song's production is meticulously crafted, with each instrument contributing to the overarching sense of freedom and exploration. "Big Blue Sky" showcases Dean's unique storytelling depth, making it a standout in the country music scene. His imaginative approach, inspired by his beloved Carl, brings a fresh perspective, blending heartfelt memories with a sense of adventure. The track's ethereal and acoustic elements combined with Dean’s raw vocal power create a compelling listening experience. This song is a testament to Dean's ability to bring new ideas to country music, offering a novel-like depth that keeps listeners hooked. The lyrics paint vivid pictures, allowing listeners to envision the human version of Carl as a mystifying dreamer with the wisdom of a lifetime. This portrayal is not only touching but also thought-provoking, prompting reflection on the relationships we have with our pets and the impact they leave on our lives. Dean’s vocal performance is nothing short of captivating, with a raw intensity that draws you in and holds your attention throughout the track. Dean's artistic vision is evident in every aspect of "Big Blue Sky," from the thoughtful lyrics to the evocative melodies. The track is a beautiful blend of country music traditions and innovative storytelling, making it a refreshing addition to the genre. As Dean continues to rise in the music world, "Big Blue Sky" solidifies his reputation as a talented and visionary artist. "Big Blue Sky" is a remarkable track that encapsulates Jackson Dean's ability to create music that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. It’s a song that invites listeners to embark on a journey, both musically and emotionally, leaving a lasting impression long after the final note fades. With this release, Dean proves that he is not just a musician, but a storyteller capable of touching hearts and minds with his art.

Noah Hicks Feat. Justin Moore - Dirt Roads Dirt

Noah Hicks’ latest track, "Dirt Roads Dirt," featuring Justin Moore, is a heartfelt homage to the simple, rugged beauty of rural life. Inspired by the dirt roads surrounding the chicken farm in Carrollton, GA, where Hicks grew up, this song encapsulates the essence of blue-collar perseverance and pride. The collaboration with Moore feels like a natural fit, as both artists share a profound connection to their roots. The track kicks off with an infectious energy that immediately sets the tone for an anthem celebrating the traditional way of life. Hicks’ vocals, full of warmth and authenticity, blend seamlessly with Moore’s seasoned, gravelly voice, creating a powerful dynamic that draws the listener in. The chemistry between the two artists dynamic, and their shared reverence for the land they grew up on shines through in every note. "Dirt Roads Dirt" is a tribute to the hard-working individuals who find solace and strength in the land they call home. The lyrics paint vivid pictures of mud-soaked boots and the timeless tradition of raising a glass to the simpler things in life. It's a track that resonates deeply with anyone who knows the value of a hard day's work and the satisfaction of a job well done. The high-octane rhythm and uplifting melody make "Dirt Roads Dirt" the perfect soundtrack for ushering in the warmer months. It's a song that captures the essence of summer fun, evoking images of long drives on dusty backroads and evenings spent around a bonfire with friends. The track's upbeat tempo and catchy chorus are sure to make it a favorite for country music fans everywhere. One of the standout aspects of "Dirt Roads Dirt" is its ability to evoke nostalgia while still feeling fresh and contemporary. Hicks and Moore manage to strike a perfect balance between honoring their past and celebrating the present. This track is a testament to the enduring appeal of country music and its ability to connect people through shared experiences and emotions. Hicks and Moore have created a song that is both personal and universal. It's a celebration of the land that shaped them and the values that continue to guide them. For those who have ever felt a deep connection to a place, this track will strike a chord. It's a reminder that no matter where life takes us, our roots remain a fundamental part of who we are. "Dirt Roads Dirt" is a masterful collaboration that showcases the best of both artists. Hicks and Moore have crafted a track that is as enduring as the dirt roads it pays tribute to. It's an anthemic, feel-good song that honors the past while looking forward to the future, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.


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