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WATCH: Nate Smith Cries Happy Tears On Stage "Boston You Made A Grown Man Cry"

You know it's a very special moment at a concert when there isn't a dry eye in the audience or on stage.

Nate Smith was moved to tears by an incredible audience at TD Garden in Boston.This is a touching moment for Nate while singing his song "Wreckage" that came out earlier this year to a SOLD-OUT crowd while serving as support on Thomas Rhett's Home Team Tour.

Dawning a Boston Celtic's jersey, the country riser took a moment to take it all in keeping back tears until the moment became too much!

"Boston you made a grown man cry

Fellow country stars Mitchell Tenpenny and Shay Mooney of Dan and Shay shared their support as well in the video's comments.

Born in Paradise, California, this cowboy got his love for music at an early age of 13 when he learned to play guitar for his home church. When a wildfire destroyed his home, and everything he had, he was inspired to write his song "One Of These Days" about the aftermath of the fire. While Nate had started his career long before, he quickly became a viral Tik Tok sensation, which boosted his media presence and popularity.

With over four million monthly listens on Spotify, and many top hits that everyone can enjoy, he is one of country's fastest rising stars! He just recently released a NATE SMITH (DELUXE) album which has had massive success and includes many fan favorites. Some of his most popular songs include "Whiskey On You," "I Don't Wanna Go To Heaven," "Under My Skin," "Wildfire," and "Wreckage," which brought him to tears at this concert.

Nate is extremely dedicated and persevering, and when knocked down he has gotten up and tried again. He is humble and kind, and it shows in this video.

In a press release he stated, “I just feel lucky that I get to be the messenger for these songs. I’m not here to be cool or anything like that. It’s literally just to hit people in the heart.”

He certainly has our heart, and he holds a special place in his for his fans!


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