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WATCH: Shania Twain Super Fan Gets To Meet Her Thanks To Boyfriends DM To The Country Star

The boyfriend of the year award has been handed out to Melanie Petrow's boyfriend Chad.

It comes as no supers that music has healing powers. Country music has the power to help fans through the darkest of times and no one knows that more than Melanie Petrow. The Chicago resident has leaned on Shania Twain's music since she was a little girl to deal with bullying.

"My boyfriend bought me tickets as a Christmas gift. Following that, he messaged Shania without my knowledge about how she’s gotten me through all the dark moments of my life," Melanie told All Country News. "I started getting bullied in 3rd grade by my teacher and I got so depressed my mom had to take me out of school and from there I was homeschooled, sent to private school (which wasn’t for me), and then switched back to public school. Once middle school came along, I got bullied by a few girls but it was like the whole school was against me. I was again extremely depressed and had awful self destructive thoughts."

Shania has been known for making special moments happen for her fans thanks to the fact that she checks her social media DMs. Most recently she helped do a gender reveal for one lucky fan. But little did she know, she was helping a fan like Melanie heal.

Via Melanies TikTok

"It was all things I never thought I’d overcome but Shania and her music were my fuel. I listened to her music more than anything and she pulled me out of the darkest place alongside my family."

During Shania's Chicago area stop this past Friday (July 7th.) Melanie got the shock of a lifetime, and no doubt healed her inner child.


The sweet video captures the shock both Melanie and boyfriend Chad were in when Shania started reading the DM Chad has sent earlier. "Chad bring your girl friend up on stage," the icon told the sold out crowd!

"I was absolutely stunned when I heard her say his name [Chad] then call us up to the stage. It was all such a whirlwind, I thought I could pass out. Meeting her was the absolute greatest thing to happen to me and it felt like all of my childhood trauma was erased in that moment. I am forever grateful for those few minutes I had with her," Melanie shared.

The outpouring of love that Melanie has gotten from Shania and other fans has been incredible! Melanie also shared in a TikTok update that when she got up on stage that "every word she had just went away."

All of this to say, if your boyfriend can't get you on stage with Shania, is he even your boyfriend!


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