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ACN Premiere: JD Shelburne Reawakens a Winter Classic With "Let It Snow"

JD Shelburne’s captivating country rendition of the beloved holiday song, "Let It Snow," reawakens the timeless melody. He has taken a beloved winter classic and added his signature style, making it the ultimate tune for this time of year.

“Growing up at my house, Christmas songs were very popular during the holiday season. Mom always had a love for Christmas songs when we were kids. Especially the ones that were easy listening like this one, ‘Let It Snow’.”

The song, originally known for its upbeat tempo and cheerful vibe, undergoes a profound metamorphosis in Shelburne's hands. He slows down the tempo, infusing the melody with heartfelt emotions, while still maintaining the song's essence.

The magic lies in his rich, soulful voice, which lends a sense of warmth and nostalgia to the song. The passionate delivery brings out the nuances of the lyrics, painting a vivid picture of a cozy winter night by the fireplace. Each note is carefully crafted, resonating with sincerity and genuine emotion.

“I've sung this song for so many years. It's always on every top ten list of classic Christmas songs, and it's one that everyone knows the words to. I love songs that are easy singalongs... I just knew this one had to be on a Christmas album in the future. I had a fun time cutting this one in the studio. It gets me straight in the holiday spirit every time!"

“Let It Snow” is the perfect song to listen to while spending time with family or cozying up with some hot cocoa this winter. Through his heartfelt interpretation, JD Shelburne has breathed new life into a beloved classic, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners during the holiday season.


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