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Alt Country Duo The Midnight Revival Want Fans To Live Life To The Fullest In New Single

The Music City duo urges fans to be present in all of life's pleasures in their new single.

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Alt Country duo The Midnight Revival is blending the stories and sounds that make country music great. Their latest track Feels So Good serves as a cautionary tale about excess and the fine line of getting ahead of oneself or over doing it. Full of toe tapping guitar picks and a steady drum beat, the duo made up of Adam Sizemore & Chris Bragg narrate the story of living life on the edge but with a healthy dose of caution.

Still standing by the fire

It only took one soul to erase me

And I'm hanging by a wire

Waiting on a savior to save me

We've wasted every season

This time I'll make my new bed

Still I'll justify a reason

Why I'm here instead

It Feels so

Feels so

Feels so good

Pulling from the classic southern sounds of great bands like The Allman Brothers and Chris Stapleton the duo adding in their own special blend of sonic ingredients to create their fabulous sound. The instrumentation, arrangements and multiple part harmonies create an enjoyable blend of 60's and 70's nostalgia, seasoned with a raw modern edge.

“Feels So Good” is about ignoring all the external noise telling us how we should act or live. It’s about silencing the voices that tell us “That isn’t what success looks like” or “you’re going to fail if you try that”. One day you and all the people that you worried so much about impressing will be gone. So don’t wait to start living your life," the duo tells All Country News.

Tapping into the psyche of the modern day dreamer and daredevil, Feels So Good brings together the best of country music.


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