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Austin and Colin Celebrate New BBR Partnership With Release Satirical Tune "Guilt Tippin'"

Austin and Colin are shining a light on the nature of earning a tip versus the excessive contrast we are seeing today. By weaving economic themes into their music, they are using their large platform to address a pressing real-world issue – inflation. And, we are so here for the sarcastic way they have brought the issue to light in their latest release, "Guilt Tippin.”

"Guilt Tippin’'" introduces a fresh perspective on the turmoil caused by rising prices. They leverage metaphors and scenarios that provide a relatable window into the experiences of individuals grappling with economic instability. The title itself, "Guilt Tippin'," cleverly plays on the idea of rewarding for services, while the lyrics skillfully blend personal narratives through comedy.

“She just turn that thing around

Oh if you could just choose one of these buttons

You want me to tip for filling up my own drip

‘Cause your stare is not so gentle, increasingly judgmental

You know you got me guilt tippin’, guilt tippin’, guilt tippin’”

The musical arrangement of "Guilt Tippin'" is a unique fusion of genres, using a blend of acoustic and electronic elements. Austin and Colin's vocal delivery is emotionally charged, effectively conveying their frustration and anxiety. This combination creates a unique lens for listeners to contemplate their own experiences and the meaning of the track.

Austin and Colin have managed to transform a complex topic into a thought-provoking musical experience with a playful, hip-hop comedy tune. However, while making light of the problem, they creatively shared their longing to bring back the discrete gratuity that is earned. The bold artistic endeavor definitely makes a statement but is softened with its satirical lyrics and music video imagery. Stream "Guilt Tippin'" now on all streaming platforms.


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