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Austin Burke Puts A Fresh Spin On A Patsy Cline With "Crazy, Crazy"

Sometimes sampling a country music classic is a bad thing, but Austin Burke is sure to make you change your mind!

Today, Arizona native and Nashville staple Austin Burke released his response to the Patsy Cline classic Crazy, with his own twist Crazy, Crazy. The upbeat and bright tune tells the timeless tale of what happens when you can't shake someone out of your head.

I’ve been staying in drinking/ Over thinking/ Hoping that my phone starts ringing/ And that it’s gonna be you/ Girl, to tell you the truth/ I’m going Crazy, crazy Crazy over you/

A fan of classic country music, Austin path to making this one is that of country music magic, including a seal of approval from Wille Nelson.

This song has always been one of my favorite’s because I got the chance to grow up seeing my grandparents dance to ‘Crazy’ in the kitchen,” shares Burke. “Pop and hip-hop have been making classic hits for decades and I’m excited for country music to be a part of that conversation. I’ve never been afraid to step outside the box and try something that’s never been done before.”

Crazy, Crazy is a fresh take on the age old theme of overwhelming infatuation. The use of Patsy's song is timed perfectly and honors the legend in a unique way that truly fits the vibe Burke is trying to convey. We love how Austin takes the classic and totally flips it on its head and yet still pays homage to the iconic track.

"I want you to listen to my music when you’re cruising down the highway or a back road with your windows down," said Austin on his website. Crazy, Crazy fits Burke's personal goals to a T. This is a new summer bop that is bound to be taking over soon.


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