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Breakout Country Singer Zach John King Releases Catchy New Heartbreak Tune On The Heels Of His Publishing Deal

The Georgia native is celebrating his newest step in his Music City journey with Boom Music Group with a dynamic new heartbreak tune.

Credit: Emma Shane Heim

Just shy of two years into his Nashville journey, rising tune smith Zach John King takes his feverishly dynamic approach to new heights with his latest track, "Anything But What It Was." Seamlessly blending pop and country sonics with a vivid storyline of a love lost, Zach connects with today's country fan.

A heart-wrenching true story, lead my Zach's silky vocals, weaves fans in and out of a love story headed for a dead end because dreams held strong. Relishing in the fact that his dreams were stronger than the pull of home, Zach grapples with the road that lies ahead. Penned by Zach alongside Jessica Faren, Jacob Lutz, and Tom Whall, the song perfectly captures that breakups sadly are not just black and white, but instead a messy hue of gray.

“This is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written,” he says. “It’s about a real conversation I had with somebody I loved, and we realized that I was going one way in life and she was going another. It’s about breaking up with someone without making them an enemy. Ending a relationship isn’t always black and white, most times that’s why it’s so hard to do.”

King's raw and thoughtful approach to songwriting truly makes him a star in the making. From lyric to lyric, Zach's southern conviction pours from each note. "Anything But What It Was" is a shining example of what country music should be, relatable and earnest.


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