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Carly Pearce Allows Fans To Relive Her Concerts Through 29: Written In Stone (Live From Music City)

Many of us long for the feeling of hearing our favorite songs for the first time again. Today, fans of Carly Pearce got to do just that, as the queen blessed us with 29: Written In Stone (Live From Music City). If you plan on checking this one out, make sure you have a big box of Kleenex next to you. The album contained live versions of all songs from 29: Written In Stone, as well as “Truth Be Told,” “Every Little Thing,” “Hide The Wine,” and “I Hope You’re Happy Now.”

Image credit: Alexa Campbell

If you’ve seen Carly in concert before, this live album will transport you back there, and probably make you miss her even more. If you haven’t, this is basically what it’s like! Carly’s shows are an emotional rollercoaster that you’ll love every second of, and want to relive once it’s over. Carly's love for her fans is wrapped up in this stunning live album.

The iconic “Easy Going” intro and outro makes an appearance, making us love the song even more than we already did. The energetic live performance  of “Hide The Wine,” complete with band intros, is all the serotonin we’ll need for the foreseeable future.

On the flip side, the impact of the slower, rawer tracks simply multiplies.  The live versions of “29,” “Messy,” “Show Me Around,” and “Mean It This Time” make the emotional stories they tell resonate even more.

Last but not least, the live album highlights Carly’s unmatched ability to connect with audiences. Our girl’s loyal fanbase has started certain traditions, including screaming specific lyrics with extra emphasis - plus the iconic “what’s he gonna do?” before the last chorus of her nearly #1 hit “What He Didn’t Do.” These amazing interactions show Carly’s authenticity as an artist, a quality which draws and keeps listeners in.

We’re so proud of this superstar, and not just for an amazing album release - she’s set to play her 100th show at the Grand Ole Opry next month, and her current single “What He Didn’t Do” is less than 100 spins away from topping the country radio charts. Don’t forget to keep calling or tweeting at your local radio station and ask them to play this song! Maybe add a little “or else” in there for good measure. We’re almost there, we can make this happen for her! GET IT GIRL!!


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