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Christian Country Artist Lady Redneck Keeps The Faith In Single "All Things"

Lady Redneck isn't afraid to wear her faith on her sleeve.

In “All Things,” Lady Redneck returns full-force, proving that, with God, she can INDEED do ALL THINGS. The Easter Sunday release date could not be more appropriate, as Stephanie is paying tribute to Christ’s resurrection with her very own “rebirth” of sorts.

The unique production and electric guitar tell the story of realizing that no dream is off limits when you have Christ on your side.

“Last year, I lost a huge part of my hearing while shooting guns at a range and not having protection over my ears when someone fired. I started going to a homeopathic doctor for accupuncture, chiropractics, and herbs. It ended up messing me up. I stopped sleeping and didn’t sleep for like 8 days straight! I ended up getting super sick! I am FINALLY starting to feel better. I only went to 3 sessions but have given up on it, which is sad because I actually had hope it would work. Trusting in Him….”

Leaning into her faith, Lady Redneck creates a song that everyone can use.


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