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Country Husband Wife Duo The Dryes, Honor Mom's Everywhere In "Mama's Do"

Grab a box of tissues before you listen to this heartwarming track.

Photo credit: Sean Hagell

Today NBC The Voice alums and overall powerhouse duo The Dryes honor mama's everywhere with Mama's Do. The stunning piano driven track tells the tale of praying to the man upstairs and still not feeling like your prayers are heard.

The ode to moms was written last year while the duo was competing on the voice, but now seemed like the perfect time to finally let fans hear it! "The more we posted about it the more traction it got and the more our fans asked for it," Derek told All Country News. "We wanted the lyrics to be what stood out the most," Katelyn continued.

Thanks to the more raw approach on production the lyrics and message really shine through! One of our favorite things about the rising duo is that they truly write and find inspiration from their own lives, and Mama's Do is no exception!

"Literally anyone who knows my mom says that she's like an angel on earth. She has always been someone who has prayed for us. The song is for people in our lives that their prayers literally keep us going," Katelyn told All Country News. Derek, who's mother passed away when he was young still feels that this song is for his mother as well. "I feel like I talk to her when I'm mow my grass and when I talk to God, she is still there."

If the Dryes had a superpower, it would be connecting with their fans. Katelyn and Derek's earnest storytelling in Mama's Do connected with one Mama so much she reached out over social media.

"Before one of our shows, a mom sent a DM on Instagram saying that her husband was deployed and that she was bringing her daughter to the show. She asked if we could give her a shoutout."

Naturally the sweet duo was flattered. The song has now become a staple in their live shows, and will get a different spin at their full band CMA Fest debut on Saturday June 10th.

Mama's Do is one of those songs that will transcend generations of country music fans. Between Katelyn sweet twang and Derek's perfectly placed soft harmonies, backed with a theme that can only be described as heavenly, Mama's Do will be one of the songs that this duo is known for!


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