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Country Newcomer Ryan Waters Caught The Attention Of Iconic Madden Brothers With His Dynamic Talent

The viral country newcomer shows off his dynamic talent in heartbreaking new track.

Hailing from Luverne, AL, the Ryan Waters Band is no stranger to small town life and real country living. With over 25 million streams and an independent spirit, Ryan is back with a haunting new single.

Digging into the most acute moments of heartache, Ryan grapples with the loss of the memories that happened around the fireplace. From watching her dance in black lace in the light of the flames, from sharing their favorite bourbon, Ryan is just left with the ashes. Haunted by the old memories that the November cabin brings, Ryan relishes in the old fame that once burned so hot.

Feverishly unique and a true creative with the pen, this rising tunesmith adds a well needed dose of depth to the country music landscape. Highlighted by intoxicating instrumentation and Ryan's southern tenor, the song helps those of of us who need it most heal. Pulling from life's most vulnerable moments, Ryan's ability to connect has caught the attention of millions of fans and even the iconic brother duo Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte.

"Very excited for my partnership with the Madden brothers and MDDN," Ryan told All Country News. "I love things that completely come out of left field, things that no one is doing, I just love being different and unique. For all my younger years I felt like a bit of an outcast. After talking with the Madden’s I felt as if we really clicked on all cylinders and though our musical genres are vastly different we’ve seemed to find so many similarities as well."

“Ryan’s voice is reminiscent of artists from my childhood but also feels so fresh and new for me — his songs are straightforward and honest. He has quickly become one of my favorite artists! I’m really looking forward to going on the ride with him, in his journey of creating his story and catalog of classic songs. Fireplace is a great early example of what Ryan is going to do now that he’s on the scene," Benji told All Country News.

Ryan's quick wit and ability to connect with fans is something rare in today's country music landscape. "I’m very excited for where country music as a whole is headed," Ryan told us. "It’s really transcended over the last 10 years I think. It’s always kind of been in its own bubble and now it’s really cool to see it crossing over and becoming, in my opinion, the biggest genre. I think in another 10 years it’ll be on top."

Perhaps the magic in the single is that Ryan is is unafraid of sharing what the genre is to him. Through story and sound, the rising talent solidifies himself as one of the biggest acts to watch in 2023. Steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves to, Fireplace invites fans in.

The song “Fireplace” is really a milestone for me and my life. The perfect mixture of real life moments from my past with little sprinkles of fiction mixed in. I think everyone has a place that reminds them of someone. For me it was a fireplace. A lot of memories centralized around this one location. It’s really the first time I’ve opened up about my not so great past. - Ryan Waters

Highlighted through powerful lyricism and brilliant melodies, this track is one that you do not just simply walk away from. Allowing fans to get lost in your artistry is something this genre so desperately needs and damn does Ryan Waters deliver.


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